The Black Eyed Peas Experience officially announced

Today, Ubisoft announced the development of The Black Eyed Peas Experience video game, the second game in the multi-million selling ‘Experience’ franchise.

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darthv723443d ago

tonight's gonna be a good night.

Well, maybe not.

bangoskank3443d ago

Will I Am.... a piece of sh!t.

JadedWriter3443d ago

Who the hell wants to experience bad over rated music?

tdrules3443d ago

since when are BEP overrated.
everyone with a brain knows they're terrible

mike1up3443d ago

Id like to "experience" that chick.

Kee3443d ago

Bit of a step down from Michael Jackson, no?

I like BEP's first album, but after that they got way too commercial for my tastes.

And... well, it's a dance game. Should these games even make news stories on this site? No "gamers" will buy this game, which is kinda ironic, now that I think about it.

Jack-Dangerously3443d ago

Have you heard "Let's get retarded"? No? That's because from day one they sold out and changed everything that they were.

Kee3442d ago

That song is great. listen to the bassline in that. it's uber cool. The rhymes were sweet back then, too.

I get it's not your kind of music but people who like the hip hop/rnb scene will definitely like elefunk.

pepsilover_20073443d ago

unlike the guitar hero/rockbank, i really hope these games fail

mike1up3443d ago

Lame. God i hope my girlfriend doesnt buy this.

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