Nintendo Fanboys Are Revolting

I think e3 2011 was the final straw for Nintendo Fanboys. We were told earlier in the year the company had big games planned for the Wii; what we got was Mario Party 9, Fortune Street (which, I am kind of looking forward to) and a few games we already knew were coming....

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You're comparing COD to ZELDA!? Are you serious? Lol. Firstly, Zelda doesn't come out every single year. Secondly, Zelda games haven't had the same graphics as the previous 4 games. Thirdly, the gameplay in Skyward Sword is totally new thanks to WiiMotion Plus.

Comparing CoD to a Nintendo xD

Xof3441d ago

Every year is a bad year for fanboys. Every day is a bad day for fanboys--they're incapable of enjoying their favorite hobbies, how pathetic is that?

And I don't get these sentiments against Nintendo. Nintendo isn't acting any differently now than they did in the GCN era, the N64 era, or SNES era, or the NES era, for that matter. Nintendo... doesn't do change well. At all.

jack_burt0n3441d ago

disgusting; repulsive: a revolting sight.

which is it :)

Prototype3441d ago

I miss Nintendo back when it was Super Nintendo and N64; I haven't followed Nintendo much after because outside the Resident Evil series and the Sonic Collection there hasn't been much that I liked (I say again I LIKE) since. I know people will argue Zelda Twilight Princess but I couldn't really get in the game much, I've seen people play and I did try it but I just couldn't get into it.

ChickeyCantor3441d ago

You are just coating your vision with lots of sugar.
Don't fool yourself, Nintendo hasn't changed a bit.

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