Microsoft evaluates its E3 performance

Core gamers left cold by Microsoft's Kinect-heavy E3 presentation will come around eventually, the platform holder believes.

Xbox senior product manager David Dennis likened the response to Microsoft's conference in 2010, where critics were ultimately won over once they had a chance to try out the device and titles on offer.

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Wizziokid3441d ago

well it's nice to know someone does.

EasilyTheBest3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

Well I love Kinect, I find it great.
Cant stop playing Kinect Sports especially Table Tennis Online. My GF loves playing the Dance games, the kids love Kinectimals.
Just bought Child of Eden, its great and prob the 1st game thats BETTER with No controller. No lag its just the best Kinect game so far.

So Im looking forward to lots of the stuff coming for Kinect.

Dance Central 2
Star Wars
Rise of Nightmares
Champion Jockey
Fable the Journey
Ghost Recon Future Soldier
Forza 4
Heavy Fire: Afghanistan
Disneyland Adventures
Kinect Sports Season Two
Leedmees Kinect
Project Draco
Tin Tin
Tiger Woods

Oh and Night Springs fingers crossed.

I will wait for sum reviews and will buy all the ones that are good.
So we dont all hate Microsofts Kinect Heavy E3.

Oh and Sims, Avatar Kinect, and more Voice control for the dashboard hopefully.

Agent - hi. You have probably been coming on this site too much. Thats why I probably sound like a MS spokesperson.
So much negativity on here. Im sure 80% of them have never tried Kinect Properly.

Agent-863441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

Wow, are you some kind of MS spokesperson? You sound like an "over the top" commercial and I find it hard to believe anyone can be that excited over Kinect. Oh well, different strokes. Have fun with it if that's what you enjoy. It's definitely not what I look for in gaming, though.

Yi-Long3441d ago

... but right now, it seems MS is putting all it's focus on Kinect, while ignoring all those gamers that just want 'normal' games with a 'normal' controller.

Which is extremely disappointing. Many of us just don't CARE -at all- about Kinect. So we want MS to also come up with original new stuff that's interesting TO US.

Redempteur3441d ago

lol you're excited about disney land adventures ? what are you, 10 years old ?

gamingdroid3441d ago

Yeah, I'm liking Kinect as well and can't wait for the complete dash integration. I'm more excited for Ryse, Fable: Journey, Ghost Recon and of course Mass Effect 3. Navigating the squad with voice control is going to be a breeze. No more pause screens needed.

EasilyTheBest3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

Yi Long.
So we want MS to also come up with original new stuff that's interesting TO US.

Why do you need MS to come up with stuff. Theres plenty of 3rd party studios doing just that. MS have a few great 1st party non Kinect hardcore games coming. 3rd party studios have tons.

Why wouldnt I be excited for Disney Kinect. It looks great and I cant wait for my kids to play it. They love Disney characters.
Did you actually read my original post?

What the hell are you doing on this site actually LIKING Kinect and looking forward to future releases.
Your stupid just like me perhaps.
Have you got Child of Eden yet? Its great, best controls yet.

Yi long

Fair comment, I just find that before Kinect, Microsoft was to Hardcore there seemed like there was nothing for family etc.
Now I find that its much more evenly balanced.
But yes, a few new studios MS could do with.
I still think MS will buy out or partner up with a Japenese Studio, someone like Sega perhaps for the next gen consoles.
Japan is where they need to improve and it would make sense to bolster their IPs.

Yi-Long3441d ago

... because you do need proper first party support to keep your console interesting.

Nintendo usually has their 1st party support well in order (3rd party support less so...)

Sony has done very well too, with original diverse IP's being released quite regularly.

Microsoft started out very well when they entered the market (Project Gotham Racing, Forza, Gears, Halo, Rallisport Challenge, Fable, etc etc), but lately there really has been nothing new when it comes to original IP's, which is a shame.

I love my 360, but lately it's been relying on 3rd parties to keep my interest. Games which I can also buy for my PS3.

MS really needs to get their act together when it comes to satisfying 'the core gamer', cause these last 2 E3 presentations weren't very promising for those of us who don't care about Kinect.

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malamdra3441d ago

Kinect is to gaming what Michael Bay is to movies

Agent-863441d ago

I don't know about that. I'd rather watch a Michael Bay movie than play a Kinect game.

gcolley3441d ago

i'll pass on both thanks

JellyJelly3441d ago

As if they were suddenly going to be negative about it...

Anon19743441d ago

Indeed. I really don't see how positive PR spin is newsworthy. Really, do we expect anything else?

Kinect is Microsoft's focus going forward and this decision wasn't made lightly - or without good reason. Kinect has been a huge boost for the 360. I don't blame Microsoft for being upbeat about it. Kinect isn't my thing, but it certainly seems to have caught the public's attention and I don't care if you're a casual gamer, core gamer, hardcore gamer of if you just play Minesweeper - you're all gamers to me.

Why o why3441d ago

I think im gunna run for and candystop going head to head or maybe a coalition

Isnt this the same as the other article. Either way im all spent on ms's shift. I feel like a broken record..... Time for the beta

JasonPC360PS3Wii3441d ago

MS is doing a good job with both the core and casual. They still sell more core games than anyone and their gaining on Nintendo. For the past few months they been the best selling console worldwide. Kinect is hot, and we still have Halo remake, Gears, and Forza to look forward to. Not bad for a console that sold only 25 million last gen. They doubled the install base and are now at 55 million. That's a lot better than going from 120 million to 50 in just one gen.

Why o why3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

Damn... I didnt know the ps3 stopped selling and the gen was you ever quit. Ms is doing just fine but some people who are a little more honest than you want more games to play. They'd prefer not to have 7 month gaps in exclusive non-kinect retail games especially when the underperforming company in a worst position according to you can keep the games rolling. So you go play with your calculator and ill go play with my pad...both happy

Yeah yeah, i know, teh multiplatform games...yeah

XRider3441d ago

He didn't say anything about multiplatform games other than they sell more on 360, which is a fact.

Why o why3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

You walk into a shop with 10 quid and theres 2 cakes costing a fiver get both if you like em. You walk into the same shop with the same tenner and theres 3 cakes costing a fiver each...somethings gunna have to stay on the shelf and thats probably going to be the cake you like the least. Should i break it down a little more or we good now.

I mentioned multiplatform games because thats the 2009 - 2011 excuse the same people who used to scream 'its all about exclusives' now scream. You have a skill for digging up past comments and coming to speak for jay so shoot, ...knock yourself out its all there for all to see. Did i mention you have the same traits as power of green aka the mart aka jason 360 who were all the same person.
Also note how the lineup was lauded by some 360 owners and hated on by some ps3 owners unfortunately

More or we kool now

LiquidSnack3441d ago

"Xbox senior product manager David Dennis likened the response to Microsoft's conference in 2010, where critics were ultimately won over once they had a chance to try out the device and titles on offer."

No, they were won over after they were all given a free Xbox 360 slim.

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