What Developers Really Think of Wii U

Eurogamer: 'You know what you think of the Wii U. We know what we think of the Wii U. But what do game makers and game publishers, the people charged with actually working with the 2012 home console, think of the Wii U? At E3 this month Eurogamer asked them.'

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Rrobba3443d ago

I can't wait to see the creative and innovative things that developers do with the new powerful hardware, beefed-up online infastructure and unique controller.

curtis_boy3442d ago

WII U expectations

Its all up to you guys (CONSUMERS)

SCW19823443d ago

I cant wait to see what kind of shovel ware gets put out on this travesty. So much potential will be wasted with this piece of Kit.

gamingdroid3443d ago

It's not like you have to wade through the shovelware to get to the gems. Besides, one man's shovelware is another's diamond!!

GameOn3442d ago

I cant wait to see what fresh ideas are brought into games due to the controller.

admiralthrawn873442d ago

why can't you wait? your excited to see shovelware? thats weird. that means your hoping for bad things in our industry

TruthbeTold3443d ago

Excellent comments. I really liked what the Ubisoft guy had to say:

"Nintendo, for some time, was more like, 'We have one direction, follow us.' Now it's more, 'We have all these directions, do what you need to do.' Making games is hard – if you have too much constraint on top of making games it's much more difficult. I think there is a big ambition behind [the Wii U] and we will follow Nintendo to succeed in this because we have the feeling that it's the right direction."

Infernostew3443d ago

Ubisoft just can't wait to start throwing shovelware on it just like they did with the Wii.

TruthbeTold3443d ago

Well, here's hoping that they don't. More Red Steel 2 type efforts and less Red Steel 1 and I'm a happy camper. The pure shovelware I just ignore completely. It's the decent looking games that trick you that are the worst form of shovelware.

Nes_Daze3443d ago

LOL so true. As for Wii U itself, I just don't like the concept and how late they are to the core gamer party. Soon, MS and Sony wil step up their game but with the casual gamer in mind, and Nintendo might ironically end up losing their lead in hardware sales.

coryok3443d ago

cool, i hope nintendo can finally get some games

Jack-Dangerously3443d ago

Cool, I hope you can stop trolling against Nintendo. That have tons of games silly boy.

coryok3443d ago

im not trolling nintendo lol

if you think im wrong, why dont you inform me of some of the announced games announced for wiiu so far

coryok3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )


you call me a troll, i ask you what makes you think im trolling, you laugh at me, i ask you why youre laughing and you respond by making a joke and telling me im blocked?

define troll ... :) lol

GameOn3442d ago

That's so dumb, The whole point of un-announced games is that they're not announced yet and we don't know about them.

On the other hand, with my superior mind power I can predict we will see all the usual Ninty ips plus series we didnt see on the Wii like GTA, BioShock blah blah blahhhh.

Takoulya3443d ago

Nintendo had a lot of great first party games, but little to no third party support. The only thing wrong with their first party games was their reliance on the same franchises over and over again. Still, the games managed to be quite different, and cheers to that.

mike1up3443d ago

Huh, i guess the controller isnt as big as i thought. I havent seen it from that angle.

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