350 Affected in EA Layoffs

Recently, Electronics Arts referred to reported layoffs as "routine," but on Thursday the company CEO called the move "a difficult decision."

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unrealchris4863d ago

know they are going to release a crappier madden than the previous year

Impact4863d ago

this is sad. this has nothing to do with games but has everything to do with life. I find it crappy that they

*pay 860 million to buy 2 developing studios

*make a ton of money off their franchises and are one of the most successful entities in gaming

and then they fire 350 people some of who probably have families just before the holidays, most of which had no warning or knowledge this was going to take place. just another company screwing over the small man in todays world.

Megaton4863d ago (Edited 4863d ago )

Definitely agreed. EA is nothing close to a run down company. Sure, their games are usually generic and dull, but their business is booming. Throwing around hundreds of millions of dollars just to own the names, workers and products of any group they can wrap their bland fists around.

Hundreds of pre-holiday layoffs by a gigantic billion dollar corporation. It's almost too cliche to be true.

IdontTakeSides4863d ago

Sighs it's all Peter Moore doing's..ok im j/k...

aggh im on fire4863d ago

Ive been reading rumours latley about EA being in big talks with Microsoft. And with EA constantly pushing on about wanting a single platform as is cheaper for development it makes you wonder about the lay offs. I hope this isn't the case.