Players Can Fly In Minecraft's Next Update

Notch, AKA Markus Persson, the creator of the popular sandbox game Minecraft has released new info on update, 1.8, also known as the "Adventure Update".

Whilst we wait for the arrival of pistons in update 1.7 Notch, quoted from his Twitter account, said:

"After the Adventure Update, you will be able to play Minecraft in different game modes. Creative mode features limited flying."

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Pikajew3439d ago

it will be a lot better

evrfighter3439d ago

Will be stupid if its just no clip flying.

Hopefully itll be build your own highwind flying.

krisq3439d ago

will be minecrafting Bulletstorm 2 :D

HK63439d ago

Next update, pigs will fly.

General Shrooms3438d ago

pistons will be in 1.7, the adventure update in 1.8