Defence of the Ancients Noob Walkthrough

Now as you may well know DotA , the home made Warcraft 3 map based on a Starcraft map, is the most duct-taped, cable-tied home-mode bodge job to date. Yet, even though it is basically made out of tied together pieces of other games, it still remains one of the best games ever to grace the face of online competition.

Now for those of you who don't know what DotA is, and I am sure that this is a very limited number, DotA is basically a game where you pit 2 competing armies against each other to destroy bases that are not controlled by you in an effort to overthrow a kind of headquarters, it involves non-player controlled waves of enemies that move towards the enemy base. These are evenly matched and it is up to each team's opposing players to help either kill the enemies troops for money or to help your own troops overwhelm the opposing defenses.

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Nawert3086d ago

I remember my first time getting owned at DotA.