Nintendo 'Put The Cart Before The Horse' with 3DS, says Analyst

Nintendo didn't quite get off to the start it wanted with its new 3DS handheld, but the company believes it's now addressing problems that have been holding consumers back from purchasing a 3DS. That said, the market researchers at Interpret have asked the question, "Has the Nintendo 3DS blown its opportunity?"

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Queefy_B3441d ago

The horse is Resident Evil Revelations.

donniebaseball3441d ago

The 3DS has a lot of good software coming this year. Nintendo just had a crappy launch, but plenty of good stuff is on the way. The new Mario Kart for 3DS should do gangbusters later in the year, as will a brand new Super Mario of course.

Warprincess1163441d ago

Wow so a new mario kart and a new super mario game is good software. Nintendo fans wake up!!!!!

cochise3133441d ago

I want to see something new besides the same old mario and mario kart games. this thing has potential and nintendo should release some good games. I would love to see some new ip's.

BX813441d ago

Super crappy launch but like you said they do have some good stuff coming out. I'm mos def going to get both the 3DS and PSV.

zero_gamer3441d ago

I am playing Zelda on the 3DS and all I have to say is, the game looks way better on the 3DS than anything else I've played OoT on. The 3D also adds to the game and works really well.

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LiamIRL823441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

Nintendo need to stop selling the Dsi & XL & drop the price of the 3DS by about 50 euro.

CptFlashHeart3441d ago

I fuckin' love mine - Zelda is unreal! So many good games kicking out this year too - I actually think this is going to be a slow burner of a handheld and not the 'bang' DS was, but that's due to price, and I can't see it dropping too much further :)

zero_gamer3441d ago

Nintendo should drop the price before the Vita launches if they want to convince more gamers into buying the system. The system only costs over 100 to make and it is sold at a whopping 250.

CptFlashHeart3441d ago

It doesn't cost anywhere near £250 if you look in the right places. Even retail shops sell it in the UK for less than £200, and online you can get it for about £180-£190.

I'm more than happy, I think it's an investment handheld right now, but Nintendo are showing it more than enough love with all the first party titles coming through.

joffa813440d ago

i got my Nintendo 3DS just over a week ago and it cost £179.99 for the aqua blue console and SF4 3d as a bundle.

sure the 3DS was £230 at launch but retailers soon dropped the price to compete with what online retailers were offering and as such had dropped to a more reasonable £179.99 bundle or £165 on its own.

mcstorm3441d ago

I agree with you zelda is an amazing game i cant put it down at the moment. But every one is forgetting that the orignal ds sales were slow to start with it was only after the 1st 12 months its sales started to pickup. I thibk the biggest problen the the 3ds is its name people are just thinking it is a ds with 3d and not a new console so they are seeing the price and getting a dsi instead. If nintendo drop the dsi in 6 to 12 months and we see games lile mario mario kart brain training ect they will start selling lile the ds did after its 1at year of being out.

VampiricDragon3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

werent these the same "analysts" who mispredict every single system? Who basically make assuptions based off nothing but there own false data?

The 3ds is outpacing the ds worldwide by millions during a non holiday. Like jesse from eedar said. Youd think people would stop doubting nintendo.

Like the gb,gbc,gba,ds it takes a good year or 2 before third party support gets in full force. Once that happens look out.

Knushwood Butt3441d ago

'The 3ds is outpacing the ds worldwide by millions during a non holiday.'.

No it is not. You constantly post this and yet have never given a source.

coryok3441d ago

im not sure what you mean by "The 3ds is outpacing the ds worldwide by millions during a non holiday" are you trying to say the the 3ds is selling better than the ds?

nintendo expected 4 million sales in the first month on the market. were not at like 6 months on the market and they still havnt passed 3 million sales.

3ds has been doing horribly

VampiricDragon3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

Actually they have

There goal was 4 million after 1 month. They hit 3.6. How terrible is that. Even nintendo stated sales are good and smooth BUT they were dissapointed they didnt hit the really high benchmark. That doesnt make sales or units moved bad.

And yet

The ds sold 5 million units after 6 months (being in constant third place in japan, never outselling the psp and gba). ( E3 2005 number)

The 3ds sold 3.6 million after 1 during a non holiday launch(being in either first or second in japan).

Enterbrain has the 3ds beign the number 1 selling unit in japan this year. why? Because of an unbeatable holiday lineup of pokemon,dragon quest, mario, kid icarus, ect

doom and gloom. Every legit game analysts has the 3ds on the same 100 mil pace.

The gb,gbc,gba,ds were all in much worse shape. Hell the ds was pretty much dead in the water until the lite came out

zero_gamer3441d ago

Nintendo dropped the ball really hard on the pricing. Given our economy, gamers aren't too willing to drop a premium on a handheld that is ridiculously inferior in specs to a competitor's handheld at the same cost.

Nintendo really missed a huge opportunity on here, and I am a huge Nintendo 3DS fan.

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joffa813441d ago

I can see why people are not jumping on the 3ds as I too was sceptical about how good the 3ds was and how the gimmick of 3d will keep me interested especially with such a lacklustre software release line up, but after playing one for myself all I can say is WOW !!!!

I was so impressed with the 3ds that I purchased one within a week of playing one first hand. Sure the big software titles everyone is wanting are not coming till the back end of the year but there is still enough to keep us going until Mario and co come to 3ds.
One of the biggest problems I think is the bad press due to people feeling sick or getting headaches when playing in 3d, and I must admit this was a big reason I didnt buy a 3ds sooner, but I'm glad I got over that and bought one.

Yes I know interest may have dropped and that PS Vita is coming but the 3ds is so radically different to the psp, PS Vita and even to its predecessor the DS that it's worth taking the jump as 3d adds a whole new dimension to gaming that nothing else offers ( pardon the pun).

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