Capcom addresses 1 game save issue

So DemonicMember woke up this morning to press reports all over the Internet of angry people furious with Capcom about the new Nintendo 3DS game Resident Evil 3D, The Mercenaries. He clicked on one and skimmed it like a bad journalist would. The thought that a game company would go so far to try and prevent used game sales as to limit you to one game save made his blood boil.

So he jumped on Twitter and fired off an angry tweet at Capcom. “@capcomeuro Thanks for giving me a reason to NEVER buy a 3ds or another Capcom Game, 1 gamesave you cant delete? FU!”

Awhile had passed, He had company over and soon forgot about the game and his angered tweet. Then suddenly his iPhone goes off and Capcom has responded to him with a tweet.

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jacksonmichael3442d ago

So... He comes off as immature and as a bad host...? Lol. Good to know this isn't as bad as it sounded at first.

ozstar3442d ago

"So I rattled my brain for an argument to hold my stance and not admit defeat, one last chance to say HA! you are wrong! “@CapcomEuro what happens if somehow the gamesave corrupts?”

Sure enough they had an answer for that one too. “@GamingGhouls you get to start from scratch! Might be a way of getting rid of the annoying save slot issue?”"

So what does this mean exactly? If the author is here, please respond.

Heartnet3442d ago

Simply jhe is complainging bout lack of game saves so if the one corrupts he can start over and therefor getting another game save xD

MasterCornholio3442d ago

I know the one game save thing suxs. But theres no need to be immature about it.

rjgbyrne3442d ago

Capcom are slowly and surely losing a grip on gamers. This is an issue rectified at the last minute because of a backlash. Their DLC practice and the now SSF4:AE is showing they do not know how to deliver to their fans anymore. I have well and truly gone over to Mortal Kombat this time and even purchased the worthwhile Season Pass, I would never do this for Capcom as they seem intent on constantly doing the fanbase over. My days of buying Capcom games are over, Western Developers have now surpassed Japanese developers in the Fighting Genre which was the last genre the Japanese were once the best at. So long and thanks for all the fish!

koehler833442d ago

If corrupting your data allows you to start from scratch, then why not just let the player start from scratch? What does it accomplish?

I know what it encourages. It encourages people to try and corrupt their data. What fun. I'm sure in the search for a reliable way to accomplish that, someone's going to stumble upon an even more useful exploit.

Always thinking Capcom....

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