Q&A: Hudson's Sato On Making Omega 5 For XBLA

Gamesutra reports:

"At the 2007 Tokyo Game Show, Gamasutra spoke to Hudson's Daisuke Sato (member of the RSD production department in their consumer division) about Omega 5, the sidescrolling shooter being developed by Natsume and published by Hudson Soft for Xbox Live Arcade."

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sticky doja4867d ago

This game looks fun. I love a good 2d shooter.

theoneandonly4867d ago

All this talk about Japan, completely misses the point.

XBOX360 is NEW to Japan yet has managed to keep sales consistently at 1000, 5000 something units and THAT is a success!!!

Compared to the original XBOX which cut just under 500 units all the time, the 360 is doing over eight TIMES as well.

So no I really doubt they will throw in the towel in Japan, the market they carved out is ACTUALLY EXPANDING and they get developer support from both the west and Asia due to that!

Why in the blazes would a company pull out when its actually doing BETTER? You have to make sense. It may not be lightyears better or through the roof, but all they were expecting was it to be a little better.

And it surpassed their expectations, its MUCH BETTER.

Those sales are fine at 5000 or so units a week, and who's to say that they don't just keep climbing......With the games it has coming out, the sales may even shoot up for MONTHS if they have the right marketing right!

And that's it..........Because games like this, are only coming to XBOX360.

Its ALREADY done better in Japan, "fanboys"..That's all that matters and it was unexpected too. If it keeps getting better in the end, then 360 is there to stay in JAPAN and thats the bottom line. Eventually I believe the XBOX could become accepted in JAPAN, as the second system they could play besides their PS3, DS, or WII. And thats a huge deal.


They surpassed their estimates and may just continue to climb with so many games for the system from JP developers........

power of Green 4867d ago (Edited 4867d ago )

I love these type of games grew up on them.

Glad to see 2d side scrollers basiclly picked up were they left off before this type died off(ofcousre this does have next-gen qualities to it).

Zhuk4867d ago

this, trigger heart excelica and ikaruga are going to be the greatest XBLA releases of all time

shmups rule!

DZNetworks4867d ago

This means they will be bringing other Hudson Games over to the xbox live arcade... I would love to be able to play Bonk again on the 360.

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