NCAA Football 2012 Gameplay

My Gamer Talk- Clearly, this years version of NCAA Football 12 is focused on the presentation. From the pre-game intros to the in-game commentary, EA has stepped up the presentation for a franchise that is widely considered Madden’s little brother.

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allyc4t3733d ago

Gameplay is the same. Presentation is a lot better from last years version.

NoobJobz3732d ago

Gameplays not the same. I started up the demo expecting the same game as NCAA 11. It actually feels different.

Things I noticed.
1. D-line constantly gets pressure on QB. Never seen this before in madden or NCAA. It means if you have a 99 rated overall DE, he will be in the backfield constantly.
2. Number of interceptions are way down. Don't expect to get 6+ a game anymore.
3. Defenses cover the pass alot better.
4. New tackle animations and collisions are much improved. Don't expect to see the same tackle over and over.

Some things I disliked.
1. Speed of the game. Everything was too fast. But obviously you can change speed in final version of the game.

MintBerryCrunch3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )


one of the things that you mention about the game is a gripe i have had whenever i have bought an NCAA game....the D-Line will ALWAYS be pressuring you even if you have a top O-Line...just not realistic to me....even the top defensive lines won't be getting to the quarterback every snap in a real game

NoobJobz3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

@mintberry. Which previous games have had that? Ive always been able to stay in the pocket for 10+ seconds in the past games. This is the first NCAA where Ive felt pressured to throw.

And it is fairly realistic. Did you watch Suh and Von Miller in college? That were constantly putting pressure on QB. Im not saying they got a sack everytime. But they definetely altered alot of plays.

EDIT: maybe Im thinking of Madden then. One of these games is absolutely terrible about putting pressure on the QB. You could use the Vikings, which most of their D-line is rated 90+ and they couldnt ever shed blocks or get to the QB.

MintBerryCrunch3732d ago

the last one i bought was NCAA '10...whenever i faced a top school...i would have to scramble within the first couple of seconds because the DE's just obliterated my tackles

MostJadedGamer3731d ago

"D-line constantly gets pressure on QB. Never seen this before in madden or NCAA. It means if you have a 99 rated overall DE, he will be in the backfield constantly."

Wow talk about a flat out lie. The D-line does not get good pressure at all, but blitzes are very effective. There are still plenty of times where the QB has all day to throw from the pocket.

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VinnieMac3733d ago

5$ says that nobody bothers watching those long-ass intros after the first day.

allyc4t3733d ago

$5 bucks says no one plays this when madden comes out.

MostJadedGamer3731d ago

Pro Football is boring. The regular season is boring, and meaningless, and nobody cares about it.

MintBerryCrunch3732d ago

what about commentary during Road to Glory, even superstar mode in Madden didnt have commentary...idk why EA doesnt do it

just makes the game lack that overall presentation piece to make it more entertaining

MostJadedGamer3731d ago

Had you been paying attention then you would know that NCAA 12 has a option for commentary in RTG.