Will Publishers Prevention of Used Game Sales Hurt Retail and Rental Sales in the Future?

GP blogger, Duddy07 writes, "One thing every game has is the ability to save and delete your progress or DLC that is saved on the hard drive for that system, or cart depending on what system it is for. This is a very useful feature as when I finish a game I delete the save file from my hard drive as I know I will never play it again. There are two reasons to do this, 1) you save space on your hard drive and 2) if you were to trade in the game, you might as well delete the save so the next person can start fresh. The ability to do this will start to become nonexistent thanks to the upcoming 3DS game, Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D."

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GodsHand3086d ago

What if the saved data becomes corrupted, will it save a new file, or will it prevent you from playing the game. I can see it already, where people will try and sabotage the save by turing the power off, when it's saving, hell it might be a work around this whole resale deal.