PSN: GameLoft offering Modern Combat: Domination for just $2.99

TheParanoidGamer: "Today, Gameloft have sent out PSN messages to those who have downloaded Modern Combat: Domination Demo. For a limited time only you can purchase the game for just $2.99. That’s a $5 saving!!"

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SoundGamer3439d ago

I got that message in my XMB earlier. Cool deal I guess. For people who want to play the game.

ndl15313439d ago

too bad its a verry crappy imitation of another crappy game

killerhog3439d ago

Actually it isn't; it runs smother than cod black ops. I got it when it was 8$ and absolutely loved it. It plays like counter strike and reminds me of MAG a bit.

GodsHand3439d ago

Yeap, reminded me of counter strike, but different, I just wish the rounds were longer, or maybe it's need slightly bigger maps. I can't really remember why I stopped playing, I guess it has to be because I started BF2:BC. But for $3.00, it's a decent title.

MrBeatdown3439d ago

I got the message too. Still not sure if it's worth it. I figure if they are trying to sell it for that price, it's only a matter of time before it's free with PS+.

HOSe3439d ago

hehe for some reason i bought this when it first came out for $6. the game is good but dont think ive played it in like 5 months.

blakstarz3439d ago

that's a very good deal, even at the original price it was good.

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