Uncharted 3 Beta Videos Galore (Customization, MP and Coop)

Uncharted 3 Beta is out in HK and Korea store for PS+ members. The US store will have it by 2PM PST according to the news.

The customization has some nice potential, which may look great…. or a sign of microtransaction items?

The standard team deathmatch. The airstrip map is interesting but way too confined. Also the transition to the next area is a little bit…. weird.

The chateau map has the Uncharted feel. Ruins with tropical jungle theme, age-old broken furniture around. The nice thing about the MP is the buddy system. Now you can spawn at buddy’s location, and do some silly thing like “high five”.

The coop arena has improved small but significantly. Now the players can join the ongoing session. Each round, the game mode changes, which is nice.

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49erguy3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

So far I'm liking the fast paced frenetic gameplay of Uncharted 2's MP. U3 seems stiff, slowed down, and heavier. the animations in the movement are less fluid as well. I would LOVE to have U2's MP gameplay with more animations and all of the boosters, guns, customizations and power ups of U3.

Jamaicangmr3442d ago

I was saying the same thing until i maxed my sensitivity.

MaxXAttaxX3442d ago

Characters have more weight to them. But I wouldn't say "stiff".

starchild3442d ago

There are certain things I liked right off the bat, then there are some things that don't feel quite right to me.

I am sure that it is just because I have spent so much time on Uncharted 2. I think we will just have to get used to the way the new game is.

MaxXAttaxX3442d ago

Definitely a bit of a change in pace. But not necessarily a bad thing.

ggamdori3442d ago

It is a little slower than before. Once get used to, it was not much a big deal. I am sure they will tweak things eventually.

Fanbot3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

graphics master piece

Jonah_Reese3442d ago

I love the feel, the characters do feel heavier the guns have greater amount of accuracy to them.

Sizzon3442d ago

Having so much fun in the Beta, loving the map Chateau and cannot wait to get to level 17 and get the M9 :)