Top 5 Games for the First Half of 2011

Well it’s hard to believe, but we’ve already made it to the second half of 2011. So I thought it would be a good idea to create a list of some of the best games this year thus far. What’s interesting is 4 of the 5 best games are sequels, hmm weird. So without further adieu… I give you the top 5 of 2011 part 1.

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juniorpop3437d ago

Most sites got it right with Portal 2, Witcher 2, Dead Space 2 and LA Noire. But what's with Mortal Kombat??

Linko643437d ago

Mortal Kombat is great....i didnt enjoy L.A noire though, i feel it's really over rated. Most of the other games on the list i agree with

MaxXAttaxX3437d ago

LA Noire is a little too high on that list.

Troll_Police3437d ago

Portal 2
Killzone 3
L.A. Noire
Infamous 2

Hicken3437d ago

Objectivity is missing. Anybody could say "these are my five favorites from this year," but that doesn't make them the TOP 5.