GamesRadar- Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D Review

GamesRadar: "In case you didn’t already know, Mercenaries 3D is NOT a brand new Resident Evil game. Instead, it’s a fleshed-out version of the time-attack Mercenaries mode made popular by RE4 and RE5, in which you try to rack up the highest number of kills before the clock hits zero. There are new characters to choose and a couple of new maps not found in the console versions, but for the most part this is existing RE material converted into 3D and made available on a handheld system.

Mercenaries 3D is a perfectly fine game. The underlying mechanics are a lot of fun and the new characters, maps and Skill system make it a more robust offering than anything that’s been on a console. But even these additions don’t justify the hefty pricetag, and with no online leaderboards to spur further playing, we suspect most will move on not long after the five-hour game is complete."

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