Low-fi fix for malfunctioning Guitar Hero III Les Paul

As some people are noticing not all of the Les Pauls are made equal. Some come out of the box perfect with no problems at all - others suffer the ill-fitting neck that causes one or more of the fret buttons to stop working. The problem, of course lies in the union between the neck connector plate and the pins in the body.

This fix should help 95% of those with these button problems. If you're one of the other 5% that this doesn't help let me know and I'll see about doing a more substantial fix write, for now though, because it's cheap and quick let's keep it simple!

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Foliage4867d ago

I went to buy the PS3 GH3 bundle, but best buy was sold out at two locations. Oddly enough it was the only platform the game was sold out for.

So now I am without GH3 and I will play the game for the first time at an MLG competition. Ouch.

(Technically not my first time, I fiddled with the 360 version briefly at work, but still not enough)

ruibing4867d ago

No stores near me, so I want to order one from Amazon. Out of stock like all the other models. I really should have preordered...

Mikey_Gee4867d ago

The 360 version is HARD to find. Only acception is at Walmart .. BUT ... the bundle they sell for the 360 has the older wired explorer with it.


Mikey_Gee4867d ago

OF COURSE .. if you have issues with your guitar and CAN EXCHANGE IT ... don't even bother with this ... get a new one.

BUT .. still a good tip to help those who need it now or LATER !

b777conehead4867d ago

that a preaty nice repair very slick

Loopy4867d ago

I have a real Les Paul, not some plasticky cheap 5 buttons model :)

Mikey_Gee4867d ago

And it is as heavy as about 100 of the plastic ones