CVG- Uncharted 3: Has Naughty Dog invented cinematic multiplayer?

CVG: "Perhaps most significantly of all, Uncharted 3 now features a deep customisation system. Character models have hundreds of swappable parts (we rocked a daring gasmask and white gloves combo) and players can create and save up to four weapon and booster loadouts.

In the time we had playing Uncharted 3 we could only scratch the surface, but the integration of the character-building menus with the lobby system was impressively smooth and intuitive."

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fluffydelusions3088d ago

I'll tell you in a few hours :)

Nitrowolf23088d ago (Edited 3088d ago )

Killzone 3 did it but i think but the Idea might have came from Naughty Dog (name mention in KZ3 credits)
Either way, i love it. Operation is my favorite mode and i'm disappointed to know we won't get in any maps.
Hopefully we get this mode supported in Uncharted 3

BTW i am aware of Uncharted 2 co-op mission but this is player versus player modes

lociefer3088d ago

lol i remember last time i was anxious like this it was for mgo

-Alpha3088d ago (Edited 3088d ago )

Cinematic MP existed in BC2 too, though it was very RUSHed.... Get it, rushed?

-EvoAnubis-3088d ago

Damn, the wait is killing me. I want to start playing now!

Why o why3088d ago (Edited 3088d ago )

Get it from the hong kong site. You can still play it in your region as the servers are already up. Been playing on european psn

I thought killzone operations was closer to inventing anything for lack of a better word. Im sure this has been in other games

-EvoAnubis-3088d ago

Good looking out there, but I'm done with the whole 'creating other PSN accounts in different regions' thing. I'm anxious, but the truth is I can deal with waiting.

movements3088d ago

Bubbles for you fluffy. And to CVG: Killzone 3 did this already with Operations.

kratos1233088d ago

About Damn time somebody did multiplayer needed something fresh like this and makes you think more instead of camping the hole time

LOGICWINS3088d ago

Yeah, I like the bigger environments. If you camp, ull likely gt bored waiting for someone to gt into your crosshairs. This was a big problem in UC2 multiplayer, ESPECIALLY in the Village map where people would camp on the roofs of those houses and easily pick people off with the Dragon Sniper.

MidnytRain3088d ago

One very important element of UC2 multiplayer is the grenade. They are (obviously) very powerful, so when used properly and aimed correctly, they can annihilate even the best of players. Knowing how to bank grenades and aim them well while holding L1 can make quick work of a hiding opponent.

LOGICWINS3088d ago

^^I'll take that to heart when I play UC3 :)

theonlylolking3088d ago

How are you able to camp the whole time anyways? Camping is also not a bad thing. It is a different play style that beats run n' gunners.

Troll_Police3088d ago

Yes, Naughty Dog invented cinematic multi player and I expect the rest to try and follow Naughty Dog's lead from now on.

Raven_Nomad3088d ago (Edited 3088d ago )

Say hello to the COD/Halo killer !

Obviously jokes are only okay when they involve the 360 or Kinect. I'll keep a note on that..

Why o why3088d ago (Edited 3088d ago )

Hello trollie

Quite what cinematics have to do with cod halo killing is beyond capacity...please do have about 18 minutes to edit it in. Hopefully you'll be back from your rounds;)

LOGICWINS3088d ago

What do u mean by that? R u trying to say that people across the globe will stop playing COD/Halo when UC3 comes out?

Why o why3088d ago

At least make it obviously funny obviously but point here i go.....*giggles*

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The story is too old to be commented.