Sony denies PS3 160GB phase-out

MCVUK: "The entry-level 160GB PS3 SKU is not being phased out at retail, an SCE UK spokesperson has told MCV.

GAME was until recently selling it for just £159.99 – a £90 saving over its RRP – but stocks have run out. has slashed the price to £199.99 while ShopTo is selling it for £224.86.

However, Sony has vowed to bring additional shipments into the UK shortly."

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Anon19743443d ago

Price cut is coming. It's these types of rumors that we started to hear prior to the last cut. You can feel it in the air. And they'll do it at Gamescon again, just like they did when the price went down to $300. The only question is, is it a price cut to $250 or $200?

ForROME3443d ago

249.99 and 299 bundle, if you look at the manufacturing cost of the PS3 they are not able to put themselves at 199.99, yet.

kneon3443d ago

The 160gb drive doesn't have much life left. For some vendors 250gb is now the smallest they make and the rest will all follow shortly. So the 160gb model will become the 250gb model and the 320gb will become the 500gb model.

Not that it really matters, I usually recommend people to just buy the cheapest and upgrade their own drive when the time comes. It's cheaper and let's you put what you want in it. If you want to spend the money you can go for a faster drive, hybrid drive or even SSD.

squallheart3443d ago

Just to let u know target has started phasing out ps3s. We have had no new shipments fo 3 weeks, last we got was call of duty bundle and that has been sold out for a week.