NGB: Why I Love... Uncharted 2

As Nathan Drake sits slumped forward, shirt drenched in blood, on a derailed train, lost in an endless abyss of snow and ice; it’s difficult to comprehend even in the first few seconds of Uncharted 2 how our hero can possibly get out of this mess, let alone how he got there in the first place. Then as the train carriage begins to slide and Drake’s horizontal world becomes vertical, and the mad scramble for survival begins. Clinging to train seats for dear life Drake is sent crashing through the carriage, wood splinters and glass smashes as the train careers over the cliffs icy knife edge. Then as Drake somersaults down the carriage his one last ounce of strength allows him to cling precariously to just an inch of piping. That’s where you’re left, dangling and just moments away from an unfortunate end…

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