Gamestop won't accept trade-ins of Resi Evil: Mercenaries 3D company-wide

VGW: A report earlier this morning surprised us with news that Gamestop in North America would be purchasing used copies of Capcom’s Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D and selling them used. We also relayed the news (and have since unpublished it) but decided to follow up personally with several Gamestop locations, primarily because we were curious what the specific trade-in value would be. As it turns out, three separate Gamestop managers have told us a completely different story.

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Solidus187-SCMilk3443d ago

If thats the case then this has done what Capcom wanted, stop used sales of this game. If that was their intention.

killyourfm3443d ago

you know it was. Now, let's hope it also deters sales of new copies.

jony_dols3443d ago

I'd love if the 3DS was jailbroken and all these 2nd hand game counter-measures were stripped away.

dedicatedtogamers3443d ago

If they won't be selling used copies, then I can guarantee you that Gamestop won't be pushing the game.

Sure, there will be some promotional cases on the wall, but it won't do anything.

Say hello to yet another big-name, low-selling 3DS game.

Tuxmask553443d ago

Well, it's also stopping sales of new Capcom games if this is the case.

GCO Gamer3443d ago

They stated that, that wasn't the purpose of the feature. But, I can't think of another release why they would put that in the game.

BakedGoods3443d ago

Yeah, it's totally the reason. Games since the NES days had erasable data.

GCO Gamer3443d ago

They had no right to screw with people experience like this, if hate the current state of the gaming industry it's madding. You can't turn without them pinning some money out of you.

lizard812883443d ago

Well, around the interwebs, people are saying some are taking used copies.

so i guess its where you live at.

ozstar3442d ago


Showing your dedication to gamers i see.

DOA is the only low selling big-name game thus far, your argument stinks of fanboyism.

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ScubaSteve13443d ago

so then what if gamestop employees rent this game then what

coryok3443d ago

gamestop employees cant rent games that are new, only used.

since they wont have any used copies, i doubt that theyre going to be renting them

femshep3443d ago

they only can't rent new DS games since erasing the save file is non exsistant for a lot of ds games, they can rent any other game though as long as in stays in new condition

dedicatedtogamers3443d ago

I worked as a Gamestop assistant manager for over a year. I can tell you for a fact that yes, employees can indeed rent new games as long as there are enough copies in stock.

xGet_In_There3443d ago

Yes they can. I took new release games every time they came out, then brought it back when I was supposed to. It's a managers discretion.

coryok3443d ago

it was written in a little pamphlet book thing that they wouldnt rent out new games when i worked there (havnt worked there in a long time), so i never even tried

sorry about that! i geuss they do rent out new copies

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killyourfm3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

Knowing Gamestop, they had a very early heads up on this issue and communicated with their managers that employees wouldn't be able to rent any copies.


EDIT: @coryok: Are you a gamestop employee? Because yes, they totally can and do rent new titles, regardless of their written policies.

coryok3443d ago

i wonder if this will have an impact on game sales. i would assume that gamefly buys a lot of copies of games, and without them i wonder what the sales will be. i also wonder if gamestop telling people buying it that they cant return/trade it in makes people think twice about buying it

Les-Grossman3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

I am guessing that this game will be a failure. But if anyone that wants to buy this game does not know about this I doubt Gamestop & the other stores will tell people about this. It will take away sales. I know I will not be buying this game

Sandworm793443d ago

If i want to purchase an item and u warn me i cant return or trade it in,i aint buying. Like some chick asking me to meet her parents before she would tell me her name.something must be off.

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