You Will Like it When Their Birds are Angry: An Interview with Rovio

A runaway success story involving a series of annoyed avian creatures being flung into wooden, icy and concrete barriers, Rovio's Angry Birds franchise is perhaps the biggest mobile gaming experience ever conceived. It currently holds the distinction of being the most popular downloadable app in 79 countries, meaning millions upon millions of people all around the globe are sitting down with their mobile phones, game tablets and home consoles and spending hours flinging birds at evil green pigs. Luckily I recently managed to secure an interview with the game's creators, Rovio, who told me all about how they feel about Angry Birds' runaway success.

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TinaLauro3441d ago

Angry Birds is taking over the world, bit by bit. Lovely interview!

pixboy3441d ago

I actually only just played angry birds last night... was forced into downloading it. It was fun for a while. Nice to hear more from Rovio. A little weary of a movie though.

honestpizza3441d ago

Its clear that these guys stumbled upon a gold mine! I never got into the game, but it has taken the world by storm and even spawned it's own tv show! I was running a team marathon and there were soo many angry birds references within team names.

GregoryAllen3441d ago

The guy said they were working on a cookbook? What kind of food is gonna be in that? Just pork?

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