This Week In Gaming – Do We Really Want Halo 4?

'This Week In Gaming'. Every Sunday it will recap each week's major news stories in the gaming world. This week tackles, Skyrim, Nintendo's WiiU, Halo 4 and Dead Island.

Nelson and Thomas also ask an important question, "Do we really need Halo 4"

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SixZeroFour3401d ago

*sigh* so many questions so little time

what does that title have to do with the video?, no where does it answer or even ask that question in the "article" or video attached

"halo 4 is hitting the shelves, later, 2012, so you know that date is gunna get pushed back"

how exactly do we know its gunna get pushed back? are halo release dates constantly getting pushed back from an original release date? does he think that halo 4 has just reecently been worked on? as far as i know, halo 4 has been in developement for years now, just because its been confirmed recently DOES NOT mean that the game was just currently being worked on

tl;dr title isnt what the article/video are about, article and video itself arent worth reading or watching

StanLee3400d ago

Thanks for the breakdown.

zerocrossing3400d ago (Edited 3400d ago )

Thanks man, I thought I was actually gonna have to watch that for second there.

SixZeroFour3400d ago

the video itself was basically a couple 10 second each breakdown of all the biggest gaming news that happened recently

didnt even provide much detail or even new details about each subject...halo 4 was just the first 10sec or so topic

zerocrossing3400d ago

Talk about misleading titles, How do these articles even make through pending? Don't know why Im even surprised anymore.

Mista T3400d ago

heck yeah, Master Chief is an awesome character and it's been a while since we've last seen him.

ChrisGTR13400d ago

... weve had a new halo game every year for the past 4 years

NoobJobz3400d ago

So? Only one of those 4 have had Master Chief, which is what Mista T was referring to.

ChrisGTR13400d ago

dude master chief doesnt matter. hes just a faceless powerranger. anyone can replace him as long as they wear the armor. the point is theyve been milking the shit outa halo recently and im against that. why cant the duchebags just get back to making a halo game every 3 years like it used to that way we dont get this fatigue that i currently have, a strong feeling of meh when they announced halo 1hd, halo 4, 5,6. same feeling i get with cod so dont troll.

TyrionL3400d ago

Dude, quit your damn whining. If Master Chief means nothing to you fine, but he does mean something to millions of other fans like me and Mister T up there. Every comment you make is a crybaby bunch of complaining about how MS abandoned you, and is milking Halo. Good, sell your 360 and play PS3, or go outside, get a new hobby, do something other than crybaby every time you post on N4G. How old are you? 6? Man, my 9 year old son would tell you to shut your whining up. You are entitled to your opinion and I don’t dispute that, but if MS makes you so damn mad, and you hate these games so much, don’t f$%king play them. It’s really pretty simple. I can guarantee you one thing, crying and whining isn’t going to do shit about it. To be honest you really come off as a troll pretending you have a 360. This may not be the case, and I’m not saying I know you don’t have one, but you don’t come across as a genuinely concerned 360 owner. To be honest you come off as a strait up spoiled kid who’s mommy told him not. It would do you some good to grow up and act like you have a set. Here’s a little example: I don’t care for Move, but I don’t go into every Sony article and pitch a fit about how they are coping Wii and not supporting it with Move only games. I don’t complain about Sony milking their franchises, like say UC 1,2,&3 in 6 years, Resistance 1,2, & 3 in one gen, Infamous 1&2 already R&C 34567 in one gen, I could go on but I don’t. You know why? Because they are good games. The same thing applies to Halo and MS games. They can drop them as often as they want and as long as the quality stays as good as it is, and they add features and keep on improving it then it’s all good. I guess my main point is stop being such a crybaby, please for yourself just stop.

ChrisGTR13399d ago

how about you stop reading my comments? there, done, same principal applied.

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kza3400d ago

Dont give a s**t it will be the SAME as 3 anyway!!

NoobJobz3400d ago

Doubtful. It's coming out 5 years after Halo 3.

zerocrossing3400d ago

343 Industries is doing it now, They mite breeth some much needed new life into the franchise

PandemicPrawn03400d ago

I Do.

But I still have to play Halo 3 first.

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