Nine PSone treats for huge PSN update

Here's the list of the nine PSone games on the way this month, followed by the enormous list of PSN content forecasted for the rest of the year.

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ATLRoAcH4869d ago

This looks to be legit.Notice the Warhawk expansion in December,nice.

C_SoL4869d ago

thats what i'm lookin forward to....dropships! fu<k yea! Bed, Bath & Beyond! fu<k yea, fu<k yea...check out this vid.....America..FU<K YEAH!

Douche4868d ago

Notice the 2nd expansion map pack for Resistance as well. That rocks!! However, they did not list the Haze demo that's supposed to come out, sometime before release, in November.

_Jedge4869d ago

yes i looked at the list.. looks to me like a nice forcast for the rest of the year

ngg123454869d ago

Colony Wars

Was the best space combat game ever. At least give it to factor 5, who can make a good space combat game (But lay off on motion sensing).

macalatus4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

Oh, yeah...Colony Wars for the PS1 was a graphic treat back in its day, and it is one of (now defunct) Psygnosis'finest, right next to Wipeout 2.
The two sequels kinda sucked, though. Speaking of Wipeout 2, I hope Sony re-releases that in the near-future, as the original disc version in good condition is very rare. That and Einhander from Square-Enix.


Thanks for the update! :)

Omegasyde4869d ago

Psynognis isn't real defunct it just goes by another name
Sony LiverPool studios. :)

cmrbe4869d ago

Colony wars was one of my favorite PS1 games. I really loved the Cinematics and the story. I was waiting for a PS2 version but it never came. Hope it makes a PS3 debut.

_Jedge4869d ago

sorry guys my story is very similar to the reported one. i think it's a little different. but i could be wrong

b777conehead4869d ago

this has some december stuf

Darkiewonder4869d ago

I even commented on it. Isn't this the EU List? Most of the games on there screams out EU PSN Store.

So as far as US PSN store? ugh...

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The story is too old to be commented.