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Given TimeShift's long, tumultuous development cycle that saw the game change platforms, swap publishers, and miss several release dates, it's surprising the game has made it to stores at all. So it's too bad that TimeShift isn't really worth the wait, thanks to a barely-there story, extremely rudimentary puzzles, and tired first-person shooter objectives like going through an entire level just to push a button. It does have some redeeming features, though. It's fun to pause time and whale on helpless soldiers, and some of the weapons are really satisfying to shoot.

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DrPirate4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

:( I really, really, really enjoyed the demo more then I had even hoped to.....

But then I read this was written by Aaron Thomas so the review has no credibility, I'll wait on IGN and 1UP. I really want this game, I loved the demo and I hate First Person console Shooters.

Edit before the haters come kill me: Yeah, I know, it's someone's opinions, the game is not out yet, yadda yadda yadda. I also know I shouldn't buy games based on reviews. Ok? :) I speak on certain behalfs of people not being able to enjoy this game because of the people that bank their reviews on Gamespot alone.

Charlie26884869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

IGN already reviewed it...lets say both reviewers gave VERY different views of the game

IGN NA gave it 7.6 in something that looked more like "ZOMG why isn't this game more like X,Y and Z games" (apparently someone has to tell the editor Game Reviews =/= Game Comparisons)

IGN AU gave it 8.5 and said it was a different shooter for the people that want to experience something different this year

while I am being realistic that the game is no GOTY its not crap either

I found that the game was fun, specially since the time stopping was done so well and...I like FPS :P

and if gametrailers says its good...IT IS good XD

DrPirate4869d ago

Exactly my point.

This game isn't Halo. It's not Game of the Year, I don't expect it to be one anyone's Day One purchase list.

But it's a damn good game nonetheless with a very different take on shooting. I'll buy it when it drops to 30-35 dollar range, because right now I'm stretched for cash with Uncharted and Assasin's Creed.

C_SoL4869d ago

but ya its a different take at shooting...which makes the gameplay unique which i really like...but the story could be better...i would give this game a 7.7. basically a rent for me..

Ju4869d ago

I have to agree. It plays solid. I would probably give it around an 8. The time control is something to get used to, and looks like there's no way to beat the enemies without it. Shooting at a guy trying to kill him takes forever. They got pretty good armor, it seams. But pausing time and you kill him with one single punch. Kinda strange. The visuals are very good, not a single slow down. A little to much particles, IMO, simply because I loose the sight what's going on around me. Story, don't know, go from A to B and kill what's in your way. I didn't really bother to read the mission objectives. The demo is pretty long, nice to play, incl. checkpoints. I'm getting visual errors (PS3, e.g. black rectangles), but seems I get that with all the games lately - anybody else with that problem ? Nice water and rain environment. Good character models. I'll give it a rental, probably won't buy it. Not a keeper if you are not to much into multiplayer (IMO). But I'd say a solid 8, yes.

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Kuest4869d ago

Gamespot is becoming a little bit too harsh. A 6?


SinnerMark4869d ago

Ok, so i still havent gotten over the the fact they gave PDZ a 9. Timeshift is an Ok shooter, but c'mon PDZ a 9, really???

FCOLitsjustagame4868d ago

Yes all I have to do is remember that one review to remember how "useful" reviews really are. They are matters of opinion.

There are plenty of games that Gamespot have given 6-7 to that I found quite fun. There are games that they have given 8-9 to that I have absolutly no use for.

I never expected Timeshift to be an AAA title, I would have thought this game was on par with say Fear though. I wonder if it would have scored better had it come out at a different time. This is seriously not good timing for an average FPS.

rushbd4869d ago

giving a game like PDZ a 9 !??! I think most xbox 360 fans will agree that it's not a game to get that score. I mean Bioshock also got 9.0 so PDZ is as good as bioshock

XxZxX4869d ago

gamespot dont click on it :D

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