Barrel Roll Podcast #122 – “Metroidaster Master”

After the stirring New Releases and News segments of the podcast, Jonah, Jesse, Adam & Adam 2 bust into the games they’ve been playing this week. Most of the guys have been playing through The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, though Adam 2 still doesn’t quite see the appeal of 3D Zelda games. Not that kind of the 3D, but the other kind.

Jesse and Adam gave the Sonic Generations demo several playthroughs, and Jesse even booted up Sonic 4 to make a more accurate comparison as to why this one is good and that one was terrible. Jesse also talks about his most recent import (it isn’t a SHMUP this time) Danball Senki, which is like Pokémon except for the parts that are nothing like it. After his brief love affair with GO Series: Picdun, Adam decided to give GO Series: Captain Sub a try, with sexy results. Not to be outdone, Adam 2 gives us the low down on Frozen Synapse, as well as Super Bat Puncher and Super Puzzle Platformer.

All this and more on Barrel Roll! Episode #122, “Metroidaster Master”.

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