Portal 3: 10 Things We’d Like To See

GB: "Portal 2 has been and gone, offering us some of the best dialogue and brain teasers of this year so far. Knowing Valve, they may never make another one. Even if they do get around to it, you can bet that it will be a long time coming. If they do knuckle down and make a Portal 3 in the near future though, here are a few changes and additions we’d like to see made to everyone’s favourite Source engine puzzler."

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BrianG3439d ago

I was disappointed that there were no "test chambers" after completing the story mode. The Co-Op mode sort of made up for that I suppose.

Remember the original had those chambers, each with set goals for footsteps, portals, and time. Also the "advanced test chambers". Those would have been a nice inclusion.

WhiteLightning3438d ago

Yeah but the thing is with Co-op you had to play with a friend or a stranger.

I'd rather have some extra test chambers by my self like in the first Portal with the advanced chambers.

consolez_FTW3438d ago

Yeah, if Portal3 shows and lets us play in the outside world that would be awesome.

WhiteLightning3438d ago

Chell with a voice...

Fair enough she's p!ssed off and annoyed at her situation but you can't tell me she's still going to be like that in Portal 3. I want to hear some funny, bitchy, dialouge between her and GLaDOS. Imagine the first time Chell speaks to GLaDOS in rage for GLaDOS's comments to her...that she's adopted, fat etc it would make GLaDOS speechless lol.

Fair enough Gordon Freeman being mute he has been like since Half life first came out but Portal is quite a recent franchise let's give Chell a little bit of character development. I'm not asking for her to speak the entire game just when it's needed.

xVeZx3438d ago

all she would ask is questions about wtf is going on and stuff like would be nice though...

WhiteLightning3438d ago

I highly doubt she would just ask questions.

People fail to realise that the Portal 2 writters have done a great job for GLaDOS and Wheatly...I;m sure they can bring some great dialouge to Chell

xVeZx3438d ago

adavanced test chambers and bonus levels for single player more co op levels
make the game alittle harder
put more of the gels together in one test
more dlc (game came out in like what? march and there hasnt been any dlc for the game)

gcolley3438d ago

yes, harder please. and longer. and more creativity. there were a few cool moments with a bunch of fillers. the cancelled levels were looking promising

xVeZx3438d ago

yeah the levels from the trailers made me think this was going to be a hard game....i guess they took them out because they looked too intimidating for new players...

rabidpancakeburglar3438d ago

I don't think there will be a Portal 3. It's a series in which a third (although no doubt great) would be overkill.

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