Artistically Awesome: 5 Games With Great Aesthetics

GR - "What makes a game's visuals truly great isn't just the graphics, it's the game's aesthetics – the artwork that gives a game its appearance and identity. How a game makes us feel when we look at it is more important than what resolution it runs at. Graphics come and go. What's hot today is cold three years from now. Aesthetics are timeless – they're the creative engine that drive how a game feels. "

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gameseveryday3443d ago

Shadow of the Colossus, the colossi were wonderfully designed o_0. Talk about scale...100 feet. The last guy was like 200 feet atleast.

StillGray3443d ago

Oh hell yes, I love WOW.

Pikajew3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

Aesthetics over graphics any day

halocursed3443d ago

Miyamoto has shown that over the years.

JBaby3433443d ago

Very true pikajew. Well said.

CrimsonEngage3443d ago

World of Warcraft does this great. I fell safe in Elwynn Forest but as soon as i get to the Burning Steppes... Bricks are shat.

admiralthrawn873443d ago

and i feel epic as hell while flying around Icecrown. not to mention, Vashj'ir and Deepholm are beautiful additions to the world

admiralthrawn873443d ago

I agree with this whole list except i've never played FF7 so my opinion on that would be invalid. Honorable mentions would be Wind Waker, Demon's Souls, Mario Galaxy, and oddly the original Halo

Hicken3443d ago

One of the few times I'll say something positive about a Halo game. That first title, if nothing else, was aesthetically gorgeous.

I feel like the list was a little skewed toward the classics; Wind Waker would have been a good replacement for SM3, I think.

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The story is too old to be commented.