Latest Japanese Hardware Chart, All Consoles Gain

From DS to 360 all consoles are up this week, while not much it is still better than a loss.

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orange144869d ago

Only a 13k deficit between Nintendo and Sony this week, usually Sony is a bit more behind than that. :P

cooke154869d ago

true, but last week it was even closer

orange144869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

Really? I'll have to go back and check...

EDIT: I see... it was a 9k deficit last week. :P

ukilnme4869d ago

the 360 has a little life left in Japan. It's just on life support.

gtgcoolkid4869d ago

Surviving due to that release date nearing now. It will help some.

ActionBastard4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

Pull the plug MS. Concentrate on EU and NA. They could release a school girl panty vending machine party game and give 360's away...still wouldn't help.

EDIT: I find it hard to believe Capcom would not have created, nor published those titles had the 360 not existed. Timing and revenue opportunity played the biggest role. Mistwalker, I'll give you. But what other Japanese tpd that didn't support Xbox 1 is now supporting 360? I just named one of them, but where are the others? To sell worse in JPN with your sophomore effort, does not bode well for MS or the Xbox brand. Selling 3k consoles a week anywhere, is not a sign of things "looking up". Nor is having a 7yr old SD console (PS2) sell damn near 4 times as many consoles as the 360. The only reason they are still in Japan is pride.

EDIT: Capcom's decision was based off $, but this superb attachment rate did not exist when they made that decision. Releasing Dead Rising and Lost Planet on the only "next gen" console at the time (in NA first mind you) made Capcom plenty of NA. RE and DMC came to the 360 only b/c of its success in NA. There are 8 million 360 owners here and releasing those titles exclusively on the higher priced, smaller install base PS3 would not have been in the best interest of the company or its shareholders. Why not focus on Japan in a thread about Japanese hardware sales? MS' investment has not, nor will it ever be a success in JPN. 6yr and it is doing WORSE now than it did when it was selling the original Xbox. Japanese support has increased, not for the Japanese gamer, but for the NA gamer. The 360 has sold over 3 million more consoles abroad (not including Japan) than the PS3 and has been out over a year longer. How is that good?

Kuest4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

Don't blame me, man. I'm vain.

Anyways, despite the 360's blatant lack of good sales- MS seems to be acquiring Japanese TPDs just okay. And that support is VITAL to the 360's success abroad. Just consider the success of Dead Rising, Lost Planed, Blue Dragon... None of those games would have been released on the 360 had it not been for MS's continued existence in japan.

In short, stop looking at the small picture- big sales in ALL market regions are not necessary to win this big, fat "console war". Software support from all market regions, however, is extremely crucial. So, don't expect Ms to leave anytime soon. There's a reason they're still in Japan (despite how rudely its being treated).


i didn't disagree w/ you. At least this time, you post made me laugh (or maybe its because you noticed my new *and improved* avatar).


Pride? Pleeze.

As a company, MS is in it for the investment. You seem to forget that the only REAL pride for any business is MONEY. As I said before, STOP focusing just on Japan. The 360 has done extremely well over-seas (in comparison to the *other* competition), which has resulted in INCREASED Japanese support from software companies. how do you explain DMC4? Or Resident Evil 5? Capcom's and Mistalker's reasoning for endorsing the 360 is not out of friendship, but due to the financial reward associated w/ the 360's superb attachment rating (5.0+, as it stands). Remember, i'm referring to ABROAD. I repeat, NOT JAPAN. Japan is only important to MS when considering Software suppport.

Otherwise, you're right the 360 is dead.

Pekka4869d ago

"MS' investment has not, nor will it ever be a success in JPN. 6yr and it is doing WORSE now than it did when it was selling the original Xbox."

Although 360 is doing badly in Japan, it is actually selling MORE than original Xbox. At similar timeframe in Japan Xbox only sold less than 500 consoles a week.

Kuest4869d ago

All consoles FTW, lol.

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