Uncharted 3 Beta warning - do NOT redeem codes until after 10PM BST

SystemLink says: "In a brief but all-important Twitter post today, Michael Shillingford of Playstation EU has revealed there will be codes available tonight for the Uncharted 3 Beta. Be careful though, as he also issues a warning for the people who gets the codes early."

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liore3443d ago

At least we know when the beta will be up

Sheikah3443d ago

Very true. It's something :) can't wait to try it out

subtenko3443d ago

They are lying to yall, "dont use your codes, dont download it yet till this!"

Then when they download it they will be like "ay I saw you playing it b4 I was even downloading mine, you b****!" lol

sickbird3443d ago

it wont let me redeem it yet anyway.

telekineticmantis3443d ago

So at 2pm when I get a message for PS plus exclusive codes I can't redeem them until 10pm?

StoneyYoshi3443d ago

I'm sure for plus members its gonna have a section to download on the plus section in the store. I'm in florida so i get it at 5 pm. only 3 more hours! woooo

t0mmyb0y3443d ago

Doesn't everyone have PS+ atm???

MisterAV3443d ago

I already tried, and many like me. It wasn't better if they wrote on the voucher that it's available only from XX ?

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The story is too old to be commented.