'Big Strain' On Wii Game Manufacture Leading To Delays

As part of Midway's conference call following its financial results, executives have revealed that delays in Nintendo's Wii game manufacturing plants have led to delays and increased lead times for Midway holiday season titles.

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unsunghero284866d ago

What exciting titles does Midway have coming to the Wii?

IdontTakeSides4866d ago other words Midway was hoping to make a quick buck off the Wii this holiday cuz well they haven't made a profit in years..

ZombiesNJ4866d ago

How hard is is to make a repackaged gamecube? We're talking about a device that is the hardware equivallent of a PC from about 2 years ago that can't even play DVDs. It's pathetic. I know I'm not an expert on manufacturing processes, but they should have increased production by now. IT'S BEEN ALMOST A FULL YEAR and they knew it was selling like hot cakes after a while.

ItsDubC4866d ago

Well then perhaps it's not simply a repackaged Gamecube, right? Accelerometers and associated motion-sensitive hardware were never in such high demand as they are now due to the Wii.

You might have a point if the Wii had a DVD drive instead of motion-sensitive controls.

unsunghero284865d ago


How is that relevant to software sales?

At all?

PS360WII4865d ago

Zombies they aren't even talking about hardware they are talking about Wii game discs. Which in talking about that is a bit hard to understand. Anywho... Midway games for the Wii were hardly any blockbusters so I'm not sure who they are trying to fool with that one.