The Top 5 XBLA Required Summer Games To Play

With the start of summer in full swing. decided to give you the top five games you should treat like required reading. Playing these games is a must, or you will forever lose your gamer cred. Ok, maybe not that serious, but nonetheless these XBLA games are worth your time in the shade.

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greatjimbo783439d ago

Toy Soldiers, Cold War. I can't wait for this. First one was a bit of a surprise to me.

lelo2play3439d ago

Yep... looks like a interesting collecting of games for the summer in XBLA

jaymart3439d ago

Ms. Spolsion Man comes out in 2-3weeks. Why isn't it a Summer of Arcade game?

Just going out on a limb here but Ms. Spolsion Man>>>Summer of Arcade Games

DUNCAN10923439d ago

watch out for TRIALS EVOLUTION at the end of summer of arcade and just like the first it will be epic cant wait and rez 4 oooooooooooooo yeah