SBG Preview: Prey 2 is a sequel in name only

SBG: "Prey 2 is nothing like the original Prey. It’s set in the same general universe. There are aliens. Seriously, that’s about it. You’re not even controlling original protagonist Tommy, but instead taking the role of U.S. Marshal Killian Samuels, tracking people down and capturing them."

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Shackdaddy8363445d ago

I don't care if it's not like the original. It looks awesome.

ExPresident3445d ago

I'm not even familiar with the first one, at all. That being said, the tailer they put on the PS Store awhile back blew my mind, and looked absolutely amazing. I'll definately be following this one.

Jacks_Medulla3445d ago

The game looks amazing, but I don't understand the point of using the Prey name. Prey wasn't exactly a "huge success", and it was considered by many to be "mediocre" at best. I'd think more people would be put off by the name. Anyway, I am excited for the "sequel".

Croash3445d ago (Edited 3445d ago )

I don't see why you'd say that, it certainly doesn't look like Prey was a mediocre game at all:

Its only problem is that its solo campaign is quite short and its multiplayer is uninspired (= completely useless).
But apart from that, Prey was a very solid game with a great cast of characters, cool gravity/portal mechanics and quite a few disturbing environments.

Plus the game's introduction is still considered as one of the best video game openings ever created.

Now the developers said Prey 2 is linked to Prey 1 as we'll get to meet Tommy, so I guess it can keep its name without shame if it's set in the same mythology and further develops its background.
Then of course, to me, the word Prey refered to those being harvested by the nasty aliens. If that's not the case in Prey 2, at least we're a bounty hunter, so I guess "prey" is still appropriate.

Jacks_Medulla3445d ago

What you describe Prey to be, sounds like a fairly mediocre game. Mediocre: Of moderate quality. I wasn't calling Prey a terrible game, merely serviceable. As for the Metacritic score, the critic reviews are above average(slightly), but the user reviews are average. Prey is a six year old game, and it didn't sell spectacularly. That combined with the completely new aesthetic and gameplay, leads me to wonder as to the reasoning behind calling it a Prey game.