What happened in the 90s, stays in the 90s: A Farewell to Duke

Default Prime writer Tom Peeters goes from ignoring the critics and naysayers to joining them in a chorus of boos following the disastrous disappointment of Duke Nukem Forever.

"Dear Duke, it would be best if we pretend that this never occured. I will not lay my hands on Duke Nukem Forever ever again, and forget it ever happened. And in turn, you’ll retire. You will never ever appear in a videogame again."

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Foxgod3447d ago

Farewell Duke, Farewell Final fantasy, chrono trigger, secret of mana and xenogears, farewell....

buckley3447d ago

Most depressing comment ever... :(

Droid Control3447d ago

Duke ain't going no where.

buckley3447d ago

Personally, I'm hoping that there's a sequel with a solid few years without changing development hands, something Serious Sam-esque. I'd welcome him back with open arms.

TitanUp3447d ago

can't forget true 007 goldeneye,blood,grand prix legends,descent,the longest journey those were some of my favorite games of the 90s. 90s was such a great time to be an all around gamer. consoles and pc made an awesome combination.

buckley3447d ago

Countless hours on Kali with Descent 2. Such an awesome, awesome game.

Hicken3447d ago

So... because the game was literally a throwback to an earlier time in gaming- with all that making such a game entails- it's bad enough to say it should never have existed? What the hell were people expecting out of this game?

Duke Nukem is Duke Nukem. There's absolutely no reason why it should be different. Improved graphics? Maybe, but that's about it. And they weren't even that bad. Far worse-looking games still come out.

Seriously, give it a rest, people.

buckley3447d ago

Not so. If it WAS a throwback, it would've been much more well-received.

Putting graphics completely aside, there's a recharging health bar so the former run-and-gun style is replaced with "take cover, wait, shoot, repeat" and there's no more drive to explore levels for health packs.

You can only carry two weapons at a time now, which makes the crazy special weapons like the shrink ray nearly pointless because you'll never want to give up a solid and consistent weapon to carry it.

Gone are the huge levels loaded with secrets. Just walk forward, make sure you have cover, and shoot (when there's actually shooting and not platforming).

The problem is that this is absolutely NOT a throwback to an earlier time in gaming, but rather trying to cram Duke Nukem into a modern shooter. If you could play this game and say "Duke Nukem is Duke Nukem" afterwards, you wouldn't be hearing this outcry from every angle.