Is Nintendo preparing to ambush the PS Vita?

Gaming Irresponsibly's Adam Allcroft writes: This IS NOT a comparison between the 3DS and PS Vita but an analysis of what Nintendo may be doing to try and prevent the Vita from being a success. You cannot do one of those accurately until you actually have had both consoles in your ownership for a while, and we haven’t.

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agentxk3441d ago

He makes an interesting point as to why we aren't seeing much but shovelware on the 3DS for a few months

Ulf3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

We don't see shovelware on the 3DS because the cost to make a passable 3DS game is way up from the cost to make a passable DS game. Hence, the little studios and publishers don't push garbage on it, and won't do so until there are so many 3DS units in consumer hands that they will sell copies despite their game being low quality.

The Vita has a big advantage that the 3DS does not, when it comes to lineup -- it has the same amount of RAM as the "big" consoles, and decently fast processors. The RAM makes it *very* easy to port games from the home consoles to the Vita, which is a powerful, powerful force, when it comes to having a deep software library.

If the 3DS and the Wii had been released at the same time, both consoles would have done *much* better, because of their similar specs. Almost every title on the PSP and the Wii, over the past 5 years, has been an exclusive -- because for the most part, they had to be. Having to make exclusive games for a console is often a bad thing, especially when you're a 3rd party publisher.

Honestly, lack of crossplat hardware is one of the main reasons the Wii flopped with 3rd party support, despite being very successful hardware to the consumer. The 3DS is now in that same, unenviable position. The Vita is well suited for 360 and PS3 crossplats (and maybe Wii U, even). The 3DS is only suited for crossplats with the PSP, and the PSP is kinda on the way out. I would argue that the DS had this same problem, and it did great... except that the entry level for development of a title on the DS was well under 0.5M USD, which made all sorts of things possible. The same isn't true for the 3DS, and never will be.

agentxk3441d ago

Take a look at the upcoming 3ds releases

Ulf3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

@ agentxk

If you're talking about Reel Fishing, and Petz Fantasy, those are huge franchises, more than capable of investing serious $$ into a 3DS game. I see like 4 titles (Bubble Pop, Mahjongg Cub3d, and a couple others) before the years end that would honestly classify as shovelware, and I doubt they will do very well at this point in the 3DS' life cycle.

You may see many of the upcoming titles as junk, but they aren't shovelware -- they're big names, and big sellers. Plenty of money is invested in creating them.

Baka-akaB3441d ago

No shovelware like My Garden 3d ? Lol they exist on any platform ..

And since when making money disqualify a title as shovelware ?

"Plenty of money is invested in creating them. "

Hardly that much money was invested in many of ubisoft's crap like the Imagine games serie.

There will be less i'll just agree to that .

Burning_Finger3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

U forgot the android market and vast PS1,PS2 and PSN classic the vita can support. Sony pretty much set the stage on the vita to rock on. So no matter where u put it. Nintendo's are pretty much ****ed.

dedicatedtogamers3441d ago

People are unbelievably naive about the 3DS. People say "wait until the bigger games come!"

Well, what about Nintendogs? That was a launch title and it completely flopped, even though it was one of the biggest DS games. What about Street Fighter IV? What about the revival of Pilotwings?

Let's wait a month and watch how poorly Ocarina of Time sells. Just you wait. It isn't going to "save the 3DS" like so many people have been claiming during the past several months of tepid 3DS sales.

Hisiru3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

Powerful hardware =/= Good handheld and the DS already proved it (I am not saying the vita won't be good, just saying that power isn't determinant).

There are more than 20 million Mario Kart buyers and you can't say "hey Vita has more power", because they want Mario Kart.

Nintendogs, Pilotwings and SFIV sold really well but not incredibly good, the sales are ok. Also, Nintendogs on the original DS was bundled.

"That was a launch title and it completely flopped"
You are completely wrong, you aren't following the numbers. Maybe you think that it will only sell well after 1 million copies.

Zelda won't save the 3DS because it's a re-re-re-remake of a very old game but Mario Kart and Mario 3D will save the 3DS. But hey, Ocarina Of Time is already selling very well, so you are wrong again.

Xof3441d ago

3D games certainly are expensive to make.

Personally, I think Nintendo is marketing the 3DS all wrong. The 3D thing should be the feature they never talk about--they should focus more on the augmented reality stuff and motion controls.

fatstarr3441d ago

what are you on about man

ocarina of time sold 300k maybe even 400-500k world wide

the install base for 3DS world wide since march is 3 million

you do the math there

300k x10 3million x10
3,000,000 and 30,000,000

if you do scaling to see how big the impact would be if the 3DS had more units out.

everyone counting nintendo out cause of the vita.

children dont know vita they know characters from established franchises, i dont see a 9 year old saying uncharted uncharted for xmas.

vita isnt gonna flop its gonna have the support from the sony audience but it wont beat the 3DS. nintendo has some code geass strategy to take sony out this holiday season, and they just have to press the million maker button one time they have 5 franchises capable of it but they should save it for when the 3DS is at 10-30million units sold.

but shame on you guy saying that the ocarina of time 3d wont be a seller, i know 5 that just bought 3d's and that game at work and they are happy off of it.

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Surfaced3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

1. Cave Story 3D doesn’t mean anything. The game is too niche. I love that game, but I'm facing reality.

2. Nintendo can’t ”give the PS Vita a weaker launch than their own”. As they are not launching the platform, they are not responsible for its launch strength. Sony is. What Nintendo can do is try to have better software for their own platform.

3. OoT 3D doesn’t mean anything. It’s an old game repackaged. It doesn’t sell hardware where Nintendo needs to. Mind the NPD numbers in the upcoming weeks, and you'll notice this.

4. Yes, the 5 games Nintendo is launching this fall are critical to the 3DS’s success. We’ll see how that plays out.

5. 3D, as a feature, currently is useless and possibly more harmful than helpful. Unless we see some games that utilize its strengths in game-changing ways, that make people say "wow, this truly enhances the depth of gameplay in ways that weren't possible before" everyone will continue to not care. The DS and Wii achieved this, but 3D remains unproven. Same goes for Sony with their 3D efforts on PS3, glasses or not.

6. PS Vita indeed has 3G and a 2nd analog stick, but neither of them matter in getting mainstream consumers to buy it.
Here’s what does matter:
The idea behind the name “Vita” is to make the hardware viewed as more organic than a machine; make it seem more essential as a part of the user’s life. Sony will attempt to achieve this through having the first real socially-networked mobile gaming platform. These are the features that keep people coming back to Xbox Live instead of PlayStation Network, including cross-game chat; and now they are part of Vita, as well new utilities like Near and LiveArea.
When your hardware gives you a sense of constant connection, the experience becomes more compelling and you’re more likely to keep the device with you. Today, gaming handhelds are competing directly with smartphones. Features like those shown in the video are imperative to securing a broad userbase in an era where people typically prefer to carry only one device that can do everything. This raises the question: is it really the games that matter so much now? Frighteningly, we will see that they become a smaller part of the equation in relation to the growing necessity of social functionality. With Vita, you will always know what your friends and rivals are up to.

3DS has some great new software approaching in the upcoming months but Nintendo also has forces working against this. First is the 3DS’s prohibitive price. The DS retailed around $150, and fared well, but parents are less likely to spend $250 to entertain their child. Moreover, I believe the 3DS will be a tougher sell with the older demographics, as they are less likely to be convinced by the 3D effect even after experiencing it, and Nintendo’s dismissal of the necessity of an engaging, always-on social experience will not play toward their favor.

But as you stated in your opening paragraph, it’s too early to make accurate predictions. We’ll just have to wait and see.

blitz0x3441d ago

Bubbled up for writing an article of your own in reponse lol.

Pedantic913441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

This enitre opinion piece is centered around three points:

1. Ninty's 1st party titles that we've seen countless of times in different shape and form.

2. Ocarina of time 3D.

3. And comparing what the PSV has that the 3DS doesn't.


Cave story doesn't seem like a heavy hitter to me mainly because you can get it for free on the PC and imo the art direction for the remake took a turn for the worse. I was actually expecting the same game but retaining it's pixel graphics and make use of some sort of 3D background layer effect + the use the 3DS's 3D.

And how is releasing Ocarina of time 3D going to change the ones who are interested in the PSV to get a 3DS instead ? As i may recall, Ocarina of time 3D was known since E3 2010, that's before anyone knew about the NGP (the PSV codename at the PS meeting in January 2011)It's supposed to be the other way around.
It simply makes no sense, im pretty sure the ones planning to buying the PSV is going stick to buying it no matter what nintendo may throw at them.

And it's strange how you left out some of the key features the PSV has that the 3DS doesn't.

- One touch screen on the front and one touchpad on the back, both multitouch.

- Cross game chat.

- Markerless AR games (no cards needed)

- Cloud Saving

- 5 inch OLED screen.

supremacy3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

I agreed a 100%

lol and whats funny is no one has consider how easy and cost friendly the vita is development wise.

Activision i am sure has call of duty plans for the fall, as they are going to be looking to expand that userbase with the vita's array of features and specs.

Then you have a possible port of the wii monster hunter game which is being rumored.

Not to mention Sony's plans to bring psp HD remasters to the vita and its PlayStation store which by the way the vita will take full advantage off. Since you know...the vita will have full psn support out the gate?

Then you have PlayStation suite and nevermind those smaller studios making games like uncharted golden abyss, resistance,killzone,littlebigp lanet,modnation racers ect.

Mix those with a few new ips along with the rest of 3rd party games bound and you got yourself an unstoppable force.

All this simply means is... the vita will have games coming from many different venues.

In other words the vita wont be affected, that much i can say.

coryok3441d ago

the article seems to think that the 3ds has a better linup, and it should have a better linup, its been out for quite a while now, but i dont see it, i think the few games that have been shown for the vita look better than all the junk that the 3ds has for it.

vita seems like it has real quality titles. titles that are on par with the biggest franchises out today in terms of quality. the 3ds doesnt have those games, they have games that seem... old...

rexbolt3441d ago

kid icarus is old? um what abiut res revaltions? seem snew to me wut i see in the vita is noting but old yay the 5th uncharted in 4 years the 4th little big planet in 5 years the 2nd modnation racers in 1 year? those are new they just came out? i et ders gon ae a new god of war? that ok though cus atleats it been a while

coryok3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

well i wasnt talking about age of franchise, but if you want to, kid icarus is like 15 years old, but anyways, what i was saying is that they look old.

they seem like they have the mechanics of a game i would have played 10 years ago

re revelations trailers actually do look good, but its not coming out for another like 10 months isnt it? lol have we even seen any actual gameplay footage yet?

anyways, ya some of the franchises coming to the vita are franchises that have been around for a bit, uncharted has released 2 games so far (vita might have 3rd or 4th, depending on release dates) and little big planet and modnation have been adapted for sonys portable consoles, though i think this will be the 3rd little big planet and 3rd modnation. but theyre also making new ips like ruin.

anyways, ya youre comparing a consoles games that has been on the market for months to a consoles games thats coming out in a few months. of course the 3ds will have a bigger library, i just think that what the vita is offering is something thats more suited to my taste.

i like games like uncharted that have a mature and realistic story and atmosphere and i think that the vita seems more willing to me with those games.

btw, something wrong with your keyboard? so many typos that its hard to read what youre writing lol

rexbolt3441d ago

uncharted is not realistic? wth its like indiana jhones and as for kid icarus is pritty much counted as new since um its only been on game since the last 15 years and its not even close to anything like the old game and yes ders real revlations gameplay the reason why i dont care for uncharted games is its over priced and lacking content 6 hours does not = 60 dollers im sorry

coryok3441d ago

i do think uncharted is more realistic, at least the character interactions.

have you played uncharted? the single player campaign lasts for around 15 hours and 2 comes with multiplayer, a pretty wide range of different multiplayer things.

anyways ya, you can pick up uncahrted for like 10$ now, you should try it out. i didnt think i would like it but it was 6$ used at my local game store so i grabbed it and it was great, really like the story. i liked it so much that instead of buying uncharted 2 used i went and bought it new for like 15$ from amazon, you know spend that extra 5$ and support the devs:P lol

but ya, games like kid icarus are too happy-go-lucky for me. in most nintendo games the story sucks and i feel like im just jumping from platform to platform because thats marios job. no real compelling reason to keep playing the games.
maybe im wrong about kid icarus and it has a great story, but with nintendos track record on story telling im gonna go ahead and doubt that. dont get me wrong though, im cheering for nintendo. i want them to make games that i like, i just dont know if they even want to make the type of mature content that i expect. seems to me like theyre more interested in making simple games that appeal to a wide demographic than complex games that appeal to a more mature demographic

MasterCornholio3441d ago

People keep claiming that the 3DS will have the best games because its made by Nintendo. But honestly from what i have seen the Vita seems to have better games to me.

Just an opinion no need to fret about it.

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