Microsoft Aims for 1million 360's sold in the UK by Christmas

Microsoft's VP for EMEA and home entertainment Chris Lewis has today stated that the company are aiming to have sold 1 million Xbox 360's in the UK by Christmas. Currently, 1.3 million Xbox 360's have been sold in Europe and 5 million worldwide.

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General5876d ago (Edited 5876d ago )

Impossible, Us people over here in the UK and Europe like the Playstation better.

crazyman5876d ago

I'm in the UK and have a 360 and don't prefer playstation

and I am not a fanboy I do plan to get a PS3 but not for a while 425 pound is a little beyond me at the moment

General5876d ago

Im not a liar, More people like Playstation than they do Xbox over here in Europe.
Look at this video. Do you hear anyone say they are wanting/getting a 360?

TheMART5876d ago

Who is US?

Did you took your own survey with thousands of people?

Why wouldn't one million 360's be possible?

Really strange remarks you make once in a while. Fanboyism

Silverwolf5876d ago

7 people max on that video. Does that make them the majority?

General5876d ago

Dude your a damn american, You dont know what Europe is like, Playstation is way more popular over here, Just because the Xbox is popular in U.S doesn't mean its popular everywere else.

Silverwolf5876d ago

Yes I'm an American and you're a DAMN european. And by the looks of it, I'm the only one that can count! Oh I forgot, you own a survey company.

Gh0stDrag0n5876d ago

WTF...........You got something against Americans? Grow up.

There were more PS1 and PS2 sold in the USA than XBox, so what is your point? Sorry buddy the US is the biggest market for this type of media. And if the laws are ever relaxed enough in China they will be the largest market ever.

omansteveo5876d ago

2 people said they would get a PS3 everybody else said it was to expensive and for the most part it seems like PC gaming is bigger than anything accordding to that video

dantesparda5876d ago

Dudes! Im American, and you two are obxinous! Americans are always putting down other countries and when somebody says something bad about us or doesnt like us, we get all bent out of shape and insulted about it. You's are nothing but pathetic a$s hypocrits. And i own the 360 and even waited out over night for it, in the rain and do not think its the greatest thing on earth, and as a matter of fact think that it leaves alot to be desired! with all its disgusting a$s vertical tearing, and no trilinear filtering (which is really pathetic! well some games doit, but why not all? this is a feature even the Dreamcast could do) and no anisotropic filtering (which is one of the things that the Ati GPU's are actually good at). And alot of times the antialiasing is getting either shut off or lowered at above 1024 by 768 output. And i highly doubt that half of the games are being rendered internally at higher res'es than 800 by 600, they look like they are just being upconverted to the higher res'es by the TV encoder chip. (though i gotta say the encoder chip does do a good job of not blurring the image when upconverting) So stop acting like a bunch of little b!tches everytime somebody puts down your beloved mommy the 360 or America, which is creating way more terrorism with our war on terrorism and war in Iraq. Pathetic losers!

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ploody5876d ago

Everytime I hear something about the PS3 it's negative, as much as I would like for the PS3 to launch and be awesome and have great games, I doubt it more and more each day. The price alone could scare people into buying the 360, 1 million is possible in UK, but man is that long stretch...

DG5876d ago

it hasent sold a mil yet. Weak. How many have they sold so far?

Marriot VP5876d ago

1.3 million Xbox 360's have been sold in Europe

p.s. read article first

DG5876d ago (Edited 5876d ago )

Not a figure fan...just hope MS can keep up with Wii/PS3 so support wont go down and MS dont loose exclusives.

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