Resident Evil Mercenaries 3D

First things first, Resident Evil Mercenaries 3D is not a full Resident Evil game. 3DS owners can expect that sometime in the next 12 months when RE: Revelations drops and brings pants-wetting survival horror to Nintendo’s newest handheld. For now, we get this action-based spin off of sorts. It’s an adaptation of the Mercenaries mini-games that console gamers got along with Resident Evil 4 and 5. The mini-game compilation won’t deliver the immersive storytelling experience of creaky doors, ominous hallways, and shriek-inducing jump scares that RE fans crave. However, that in no way means that Mercenaries 3D should be ignored. This is one of the most visually impressive and addictive experiences that the small 3DS library offers and one of the few true M-rated experiences on the 3Ds, splashing buckets of blood around in glorious gasses-free 3D. Later on in the system’s life cycle this might look like a disposable sidedish, but right now this is a must own for early system supports.

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