Crytek: DirectX 11 'A Graphical Game-Changer'

NowGamer: CryEngine's global business director Carl Jones thinks DirectX 11 is the key to a revolution in videogame visuals...

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Shaman3443d ago

Agreed!Best looking thing on anything right now.Dunno if BF3 will surpass it.Maybe it will,but I doubt it will run better.This game has all the bells and whistles that you can think of and it still runs mighty fine.

CaptCalvin3443d ago

That's because it hasn't got much going on under the hood.

evrfighter3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

too bad it has zero replayability value. yes I downloaded the dx11 hi res pack when it launched.

I played a whole 15 mins before it got meh

Voxelman3443d ago

BF3 has the advantage of being built from the ground up for DX10/11 rather than DX9 with 11 effects tacked on. BF3 also looks to feature a greater scale and draw distance.

xtremegamerage3443d ago

Crytek the horse has already bolted.

consolez_FTW3443d ago

Might be a "Graphical Game-Changer" till about October. Also Crysis2 had some AI not so much Game-Changing

camargo20123443d ago

LOL u are retarded if u think battlefield graphics will be better!

Solid_Malone3443d ago

ah dude, DICE has the upperhand here, they got a good few months till the game goes gold, who knows what the final build of BF3 will look like.

camargo20123443d ago


crytek uses one of the worlds most expensive renderings ever made there is not way BF3 will be better have you noticed that most of the images shown from BF3 have way too much depth of field and bloom in order to hide the low resolution textures?

and the animations are not good looking either.

caboose323443d ago


What are you talking about?!?!?
The animations shown in BF3 are by far the best I have seen in a game.

CaptCalvin3443d ago

LOL complaining about bloom and blur rape and low res textures when comparing BF3 to C2...

3442d ago
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OsamaOnCrack3443d ago

cuz battlefield 3 comes out in october. if you seen the gameplay you will know.


F4sterTh4nFTL3443d ago

The exclusion of DX11 out of the PC version sent bad signals to the Hardcore PC community who lives and breaths Crysis and just gave a no reason to buy the game anymore. The story felt unattached to the original and the gameplay choices severely limited. It was still still a great game but only now has the PC version been properly released.

Gran Touring3443d ago

Well, we should be happy that we got the update, and the graphics improvements do deliver.

I know how you feel, it's hard to look at Crysis 2 as being a good game without comparing it to the first.

sonicsidewinder3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

In all honesty it's too late for me to even care.

A graphic update is not gonna make me wanna go back to play a relatively poor game (most def inferior to the first).

Going through crysis 2 looking for real reference to crysis 1 was like pissing in the wind.
Nomad? Psycho? Why do the Aliens of C2 go about using shittier technology to those of C1? NOTHING IS EXPLAINED!

C1 was a futuristic military romp, weras C2 is a superhero story.

The gameplay was inferior to C1, and the multiplayer was uninspired (which i find hurtful the most as i thought better of Cryteck UK)

CaptCalvin3443d ago

Because aliens that flew around would be too much for the vertical sensitivity on a gamepad LOL.

RedDead20673443d ago

Consoles can use auto/assist aim where the computer plays the game for you.

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