Platform Wars: Xbox most searched, Macs not so much

Who is searching what in the world of gaming? The results may come off as a little bit surprising. Needless to say, Macs don't stack up.

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agentxk3447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

I can't help but laugh at the Mac bar. Also, apple also got a 2

DarkCharizard_3447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

Shows which gamers spend their time gaming rather than arguing like fanboys on the internet.

agentxk3447d ago

Unfortunately in the listed stats, "X is better that Y" was not in the top searches

ZombieAssassin3447d ago

Wow I figured Mac's would have a lot since if something goes wrong with them it's a pain to figure out how to fix it.

Video somewhat related to the topic of the's a joke to.

rjdofu3447d ago

Xbox: how to fix RROD.
PS3: how to fix YLOD.
Wii: accidently breaking stuffs.
PC: How to build a powerful PC with 400 bucks
Mac: mac is the true gaming system (hence the tiny bar lol)


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zootang3447d ago

I think people search for apple more than mac.

SixZeroFour3447d ago

yea, i bet apple/mac searches would be more significant if they added searches for "macbook" or any of the "i" products like "ipod" or "iphone"

furthermore, the search results were only based on the word itself but not on the context of why they were searching said word

its an interesting graph, but unrelated to any results

blitz0x3447d ago

Personally I know I use "macbook" when I do searches, as but it would probobly skew the results if he'd added the "I" products, aside from the imac. While "apple" would have had better results, you could say the same about a search for "microsoft".

I_find_it_funny3447d ago

graph is US-only thus irrelevant

blitz0x3447d ago

Wouldn't that make it relevant in the US?

gamingdroid3447d ago

What is interesting is the actual placement of search frequency kind of matches up with the growth experience by consoles:

1. xbox
2. ps3
3. wii
4. pc
5. mac

GrandTheftZamboni3447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

No, it doesn't. Here is the proper order for consoles (monthly sales since release):

1. Wii 1622K/month
2. PS3 943K/month
3. 360 820K/month

gamingdroid3447d ago

First of all, I said GROWTH, not unit sales.

Wii with recent figures shows negative growth (we don't know impact of price drop yet). PS3 has some growth, and Xbox has massive growth.

Also, where are you pulling your numbers from? vgchartz?

GrandTheftZamboni3447d ago

GROWTH of what? I assumed it was Hardware. There are official number from Sony and Microsoft. For example:

I divided that by number of months since console release. That roughly gives me what's the monthly growth of total number of consoles. Some months are better than others and some users have more than one console, so these numbers may not be reflective of the user base ...

gamingdroid3447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

I meant growth of hardware unit sold.

"I divided that by number of months since console release. That roughly gives me what's the monthly growth of total number of consoles."

No, that gives you the average unit SOLD monthly and not the growth, which is obviously not the same. It is also a very misleading number as the PS3 wasn't available in all regions simultaneously which would increase the PS3 sales number further. Either way, it isn't a very good number to go by.

Growth is measured in how much more than something (in this case sales of hardware) in a given time frame, often month-to-month, year-over-year, same month last year and etc. Growth is often expressed in percentages.

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-Superman-3447d ago

Wrong !

Sony - 1,870,000,000 results
Nintendo - 502,000,000 results
Microsoft - 1,550,000,000 results
Mac - 1,560,000,000 results
PC - 4,200,000,000 results

rjdofu3447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

lol dude it's not about how many results
but about how many time the terms are searched.

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Max_Dissatisfaction3447d ago

*typing* When will xbox have an exclusive? *clicks search*

agentxk3447d ago

Gears? Play most systems just for exclusives. Lost Odyssey is still one of the best RPGs of this gaming gen and Little Big Planet is one of the best games. Play them all!

firemassacre3447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

how to fix rrod perhaps i kid, i kid. good for xbox

coryok3447d ago

looool i was thinking the same thing

kingdoms3447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

That's the way you see it? From my point of veiw It's the PS3 fanboys tracking 360 news trolling and bashing anything 360 related due to frustrations of what is happening to Sony. 360 is obviously more popular and the numbers reflects this but most 360 fans don't spend hours and hours on the internet not even sleeping, working or going to school. Some of the 360's lead is from ps3 fans trolling the 360, angry the 360 momentum is widening the gap faster than it originally formed after ps3 released.

Still got to give credit to the 360 and kinect because these items are extremely hot right now. Not surprising these numbers are like this Project Natal has millions and millions of hits on Google even before it was renamed and eventually released and became the craz it is now.

ZeroX98763447d ago

Um, check most of the previous comment you made buddy.... most of your comments wasn`t even reply, you`re just bashing the PS3 here and there..... yep, you`re clearly a fanboy...

I'm a big Playstation fan and games like uncharted, LBP, Infamous and many many more are the main reason why, but it doesn`t change the fact that I have a xbox and a 360 with more than 30 titles on my 360. I have 37 games for my PS3 and 32 games on my 360. I`m paying for xbox live since a while back and I love the online service microsoft are giving. when psn went down, I just played on my 360 so it didn`t affect me at all.

anyway, this search doesn`t mean anything. They search for xbox not 360, they search for ps3 not playstation, wii not nintendo. the search results can be for problems, news, reviews, forums and many things. surprises me that PC isn`t higher.

Thoreau3447d ago

natal is hot, but it is hot sh!t.

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JasonPC360PS3Wii3447d ago

I bet the most popular search for PS3 is PSN hacked.

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