Sony credits loyal PSN gamers to reassure grumpy shareholders

Sony execs face the music at Tokyo shareholders meeting

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Deadman_Senji3443d ago

Wow "face the music"

Sony likened to a classic cyber villain? These guys at mygaming clearly don't like Sony.

BubbleSniper3443d ago

tbh, many seem to not like Sony. It's like the IN THING to have negative feelings toward'em.

from the biased articles to the shitbag headlines to the needless comparisons to the paid actors.

all sheep mindset.

Max_Dissatisfaction3443d ago

many seem to not like sony? It's their freaking shareholders, not some conspiracy against sony. Gees now even the shareholders, the people who invest money into the company can't be unhappy about sony because you fanboys want EVERYBODY to LEAVE SONY ALONE! ? Come on man, quit being a crybaby for sony and let due process happen

BubbleSniper3443d ago

it should be obvious that I am not talking about shareholders in my comment.

i'm here, in this comment to talk about SONY and GAMES, not people who invest or stocks.

with that said, i have no more bubbles. you should be happy.

radphil3443d ago


Shares dropped down and worried shareholders during the Wii U announcement, then swelled back up.

Shareholders are just as fickle as undecided users. They just look at getting a profit. They careless if a game has excellent quality, just as long as it lines their pocketbooks.

Lord_Sloth3443d ago

Neither does he so you get the last word and so do I.

I agree everybody's bitching about Sony now. It's annoying as hell too. Sony tries and gives us all these great games!

They've kept us entertained for more than a decade, and since I'm only about twice as old as the Playstation brand, that's a large chunk of my life so I appreciate that and have faith in them as a company.

I'm sure as SHIT not gonna hold some random hack against them nor am I gonna hold what some fat cat rich dude who only cares about his money influence my opinion!


paladinaz3443d ago

"In a statement later Tuesday, Sony released executive compensation figures for the last fiscal year through March 31. Stringer received 345 million yen ($4.3 million), along with stock options worth 518 million yen."

So he fails to make any profit, but received an insane compensation... Woah, no wonder Sony is not profitable.

GrandTheftZamboni3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

Yeah, the problem is that people who know business, have connections, know how to golf, aren't applying for jobs that pay 5 figure salaries.

Even in charitable organizations, they first take their cut and give what's left to the needy. Some of their CEOs earn 7 figure pay too.

user83971443443d ago

Im still buying from the PSN store but only thru PSN cards.