Uncharted 3 Beta MP Gameplay: Airstrip and Chateau

U3 Beta is now available in HK and Korea Playstation Store. In US, it will be available at 2pm PST.

These are Team Deathmatch videos. The first video is Airstrip map and the second is Chateau.

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CaliGamer3444d ago

Overall, I think the game is very good. I still dislike the melee in the game, always felt a bit sluggish IMHO. Can’t wait to get home this afternoon and get on this for a few more hours, hit me up if your are on PSN – Tashito.

Swiggins3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

It's still good, but a few things are driving me batty!

I fucking hate sprint, I realize I shouldn't, but I feel like it's out of place.

I hate how many hits it takes to fucking kill someone! Unless you're using an RPG or the bolt action sniper, it'll take half a damn clip just to kill one person! Shottie's don't always kill in one hit AT CLOSE RANGE...this is a problem!

There also seems to be a problem regarding pick ups and treasures. Half of the time when I go to a chest, or try and loot a weapon or pick up a treasure, it won't let me, my character will end up standing there like a dumb ass while I feverishly push the Triangle Button...WTF!

....and finally, POWERPLAYS!!! I can't fathom who thought this was a good idea! It essentially punishes the winning team for doing well, I don't care if I earn double cash, the fact that the enemy can see me through walls or kill me in just a few shots is Un-Fucking-Acceptable when my team is only up by maybe 2 or 3 kills!

That said it's still pretty quality, I do have a lot of fun playing it, but it needs some serious balancing work, I'm just glad Naughty Dog is betaing this so early, they'll have a chance to fix it.

Also, one idea I do like is the High Five! Now if only they'd introduce the ability to Bro-Hoof!

despair3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

well it is a beta and the glitches are primarily what they are intending to deal with, as for the hits to kill people, I find it not bad, usually 2-3 burst of the 3 shot burst weapon(cannot remember the name at all) get them, or less if I hit their head(needs verifying though).

But even if it is more than your average shooter I like it, I hate when I'm not given a chance to react when getting shot at and they allow that with a little resilience, works for the 3rd person MP.

I haven't encountered the treasure problem, though a couple times I got stuck trying to climb something, but considering yesterday it took me 20 mins to get a game and then it ran in slow motion and after the patch I have zero latency problems and get in almost immediately to a game, I think they will fix it in time.

Finally, I actually like the Powerplays(and there's the hardcore mode for those who don't want it). What they need to do is have different levels for the powerplays depending on how wide the lead is, if you're 3 ahead then do a less powerful one and if its 10 ahead the one that shows everyone on the map can be used.

To me it adds some excitement to a match and of the 8-10 games I've played so far its actually quite enjoyable and brought the score to a nail biting finish on at least 2 occasions(we lost both though). It can even work towards the winning team advantage, like the one that has a leader to kill, knowing everyone is going after him we set a trap around him and racked up a dozen kills in the powerplay and we were winning before it. Tweaks are needed but I see it as a keeper.

I do laugh a lot when I see people pelvic thrusting over a dead guy to get ammo, its quite funny. Oh and we did get a glitch on the plane level where it reset 30 seconds in and started over.

Swiggins3444d ago

Different Strokes Different Folks, Glad to see so many people enjoying it and testing it out, that's what's important.

I've also had several lol moments when I see my teammates dancing over corpses, all in good fun though.

To clarify I'm not in favor of CoD style gameplay where 2 or 3 bullets kill, I just hate it when I pump several rounds into a guy and he just rounds a corner and runs away to recover, it's infuriating!

If they implemented the Powerplay system like you suggested, then yeah, I might even get into it.

Like I said, overall solid, and it's just a beta so that means the finished product will probably be outstanding.