Call of Duty Annihilation Map Pack Gameplay (HD 1080p)

@Ve3tro: "Activision today released the third map pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops known as Annihilation.

As usual we've recorded gameplay from 4 matches to show what the maps are like incase your uncertain on purchasing them."

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SarahFox3439d ago

nice gameplay footage, looks amazing!

pangitkqb3439d ago

Ya, I'm impressed with their capture work.

Stunt3439d ago

Nice gameplay Ve3tro!

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LightofDarkness3439d ago (Edited 3439d ago )

Didn't they JUST release a map pack? God damn, people must have spent over €100 on BLOPS alone since release day...

You know map packs used to be free? Kind of like a "thanks for playing" from the developers if the game did well and had a good community? Because they were. And even then, the maps were better and more finely tuned. These things are slapped together in a month and sold for €10-€15 a pop. No gameplay tweaks, no upgrades/bug-fixes, just maps that have clearly been built by the "B-team." I weep for this generation...

pangitkqb3439d ago (Edited 3439d ago )

Boo freakin' hoo. Nobody is making you spend a dime you don't want to. And really, must this exact complaint come up for EVERY COD ARTICLE EVER? At least try come up with something original to whine about.

Don't forget that Devs don't owe us anything and we don't owe them anything in return. They make something and we either choose to reward it with our money or not. Frankly, paid DLC, expansions, etc... are in many ways the result of the massive increase in game development costs this gen. The leap from last-gen to this gen increased game dev costs by 5 times or more. Did game sales increase by five times to cover the increased production costs? Nope. This is a business. Whether we like it or not $$ always has been, and always will be, the number one driver.

There are so many wonderful games out there waiting to be played...go play them instead.

jimineyscrickets3439d ago

@ pangitkqb

Thank you. The sense of entitlement amongst gamers is unbelievable.

Rather than bitch about these map packs anybody could go pick up a used copy of CodBlops for $40, stick with the included maps only, and enjoy HUNDREDS OF HOURS of online gaming. $40 for hundreds of hours is a pretty dang good deal.

These people are simply selfish whiners.

LightofDarkness3439d ago

If it's a common complaint, and seems to appear in every article like you say, does that not clue you in to the fact that MANY gamers see this is a genuine problem?

Here's another flaw with your argument: it does not cost THAT much to make a few multiplayer maps, not with the COD engine. It costs a crap-load to build every facet of the game, most notably the singleplayer: voice-actors, cinematics, directors, high quality models/assets, a wide variety of locales with their own textures etc. But when you're making a multiplayer map-pack POST release, all of that stuff is already done, really. Now you're just re-using what you've already made in different configurations. Sure there's a few new textures here and there, but it won't differ too wildly from the source material, the gamers have to recognize it as a setting from the game.

Moreover, BLOPS has reportedly sold 18 million copies, netting $1 Billion USD in sales. They've more than recouped what they spent developing the game. "But it costs teh money" is no longer a relevant excuse when you've accrued almost 100 times the development costs. They could thank the loyal devotion of their fans, but no, they've opted to continue gouging, because god forbid they should ever expect them to do anything nice for the people that set them up in freaking mansions.

jimineyscrickets3439d ago (Edited 3439d ago )

@ LightofDarkness

Uh...then don't buy it. It's really that simple and the argument still stands as is. Nobody is forcing you to buy anything, and, as pangitkb said, "the dev doesn't owe anyone anything." Sure, everybody loves a freebie, but peeps bought the game of their own free will and can just as easily choose to not purchase the map-packs or future titles.

Most people know of Activisions bad why did 18 million people still buy it? It's not like they didn't know the companies rep. The knew how Activision rolls AND STILL BOUGHT THE GAME AND THE MAPS OF THEIR OWN DAMN ACCORD.

This is a free market. You vote with your wallet. Do you really think the map-packs came as a big surprise to the millions who bought MW2 before mobbing on to CodBlops? Of course not. So rather than ENDLESSLY COMPLAIN, just go enjoy another game. Why piss and moan on here when you could use your time and money to play something you actually enjoy?

Controversy3439d ago

@ lightofDarkeness

You are incorrect. The fundamental argument isn't cost; it's the relationship between producers and consumers. If you don't like something, don't buy it. I could argue that the couch I bought could have had more features...but if that is really the case and it bothers me I shouldn't have purchased the couch in the first place.

The above is true particularly in regards to what jimineyscrickets said. A hefty portion of the 18 million gamers who bought Blackops also owned Modern Warfare 2. They know about Mappacks, they know about yearly releases. They still chose to purchase.

firemassacre3439d ago (Edited 3439d ago )

the only thing i wish battlefield 3 had that mw3 has is the killcam

Ja555on3439d ago

firstly DICE haven't said anything yet about killcams, but secondly BFBC2 had a killcam so BF3 will probably have an improved version of that.

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