Uncharted 3 ‘10 minutes of Multiplayer action' [HD]

10 minutes of multiplayer action from the Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception beta.

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Sheikah3443d ago

This makes uncharted 2's MP looks like a tech demo :s -- looks hella fun!

ps: Took him long enough to find the kickback button :D

cobra43443d ago

you're right. This does look miles better. And I loved uc2's mp so this is gonna be awesome

Crazyglues3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

This is why I love Naughty Dog, they just seem to set the Bar every time out...

Amazing job, Can't wait to get it popping.. -(I had so much fun on Uc2's beta and on the online that I know this is going to be good)

Naughty Dog, Dam you guys Rock..


EazyC3443d ago



TripleAAARating3443d ago

Why?... Can't take the domination that is PS3 no more?


kramun3443d ago

I've only experienced some MP on consoles as I'm not really much of an MP gamer. But the experience I got from the games I have played MP in have taken ages to set up because of Matchmaking. Is this the way it is on most games?

When I played CSS it was much quicker than this, and you got to know other players better because you stayed on the same server. On consoles with the games I played you had to play with different players each round. It was quite annoying.

CernaML3443d ago

Matchmaking is pretty much the standard for console gaming.

Horny3443d ago

The only thing I don't like is the amount of hits it take to kill someone.

Biggest3443d ago

Someone silence this guy before Naughty Dog listens.

jack_burt0n3443d ago

needs to be deleted as spam.

Who3443d ago

ITA. Where are the one-shot HS kills? This is my only gripe with UC MP. It feels like spamming than anything else.

Horny3443d ago

Now we can't have personal opinions on n4g either, damn you guys are ruthless.
Just saying it shouldn't take 10 bullets to kill someone when they are wearing a simple shirt.
Don't get me wrong I wish I could outrun bullets and dive for cover too after being lit up.

Biggest3443d ago

Your opinion is the same opinion that "ruined" UC2's multiplayer. It isn't meant to be realistic. If you can't aim long enough to kill someone, I'm sorry. Leave it as it is, please!

Horny3443d ago

You have somewhat of a point. I just feel like it should be somewhere in the middle of uc2 (after update) and uc3.
I'm just extremely picky about small gameplay tweaks like that. I'll play it regardless.
I just hate seeing someone shooting the crap out of a person and them still turning the corner and getting away.

jack_burt0n3443d ago


People that dont suffer from ADD dont need that crap, this game is about traversal/stealth/pulldowns as much as it about shooting stuff. You will play it for a week and go back to ur rinse repeat stuff, learn to appreciate different gameplay FFS.

TheHomerPimpson3443d ago

Maybe they'll implement a "hardcore" (for lack of a better term) MP mode where it is more realistic and less run-and-gun. It would be nice to have both: appease fans of each, and give the option to players who like them equally to play which they choose.

Infamous23443d ago

Do you know how long it takes someone to kill a guy in gears of war 3 LOL, no one complains about gears.

Risky_243443d ago

You mean Gears of War, where the characters are heavily armored?

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SageHonor3443d ago

Its better than dropping as soon as you get hit

Peaceful_Jelly3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

They reduced the damage on Uncharted 2 and it didn't worked. The problem is that in this game climb to gain higher ground is one of its defining elements and with low damage the ground becomes the safest place because if you get caught while climbing you're as good as dead. Another thing with low damage is that no matter your skill if by chance you get caught from behind you're as good as dead again. There is no chance for you to fight back since with 3 bullets you're dead.

In my opinion not every game should have the n00bish damage of COD.

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consolez_FTW3443d ago

This is Amazing! I don't like to call games GOTY before they're released but look at that footage! I can't wait for UC3.

d0r1en03443d ago

Nice footage. Also nice to see a vid of a player who can actually play the game.

jetlian3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

one dude killed 4-5 people with 1 rocket. the headshot was good tho

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