The Final Fantasy Series: A Retrospective (Part 3)

Part 3 of a Final Fantasy Retrospective that follows Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and IX and their tremendous impact on RPGs.

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pantero3439d ago

Nice! Final Fantasy VII was the first one I played and still my favorite.

lionessofgd3439d ago

FF VIII is soooo under-rated. Glad to see it getting some love ...

Peaceful_Jelly3439d ago

In my opinion the only thing that ruined FFVIII was the GF plot-device. People say that the Junction system was another thing that ruined the game because of the time it took to draw 100 spells to equip but what they don't understand is that you didn't have to do it all in one sit, you could simply Draw 4-5 spells in-between battles. Others simply didn't understand it and kept spamming the GF from start to finish... And with those long ass unskippable scenes it was easy for anybody to get annoyed but it wasn't the game's fault, it was yours for not properly learning the system.

Even to this day you can still find play-throughs on Youtube with people spamming the GFs. >_<

Deadman_Senji3439d ago

Pretty much the sole reason people talk badly of FF8 is because of the orphanage.

Everything up until and after that "reveal" is pretty cool.

the tutorials were annoying too

Deadman_Senji3439d ago

Yeah FF7 is great, still my favorite of the series.

Too bad the fucking fangirls ruined it, anime and pretty much all JRPG appeal outside of Japan. I really appreciate everybody thinking my favorite game is for girls/gay people...

Sad...I really don't want to live on this planet anymore.

I_am_Batman3439d ago

The PSOne FF's are still the best in my opinion.

CLOUD19833438d ago

FFVII will always be the best it's the only game I was playing for 5 years and finish it 24 times in total after FFVII I was disappointed with FFVIII/IX but at least there was some amazing games to keep me exciting best example was Xenogears one of my all time favorite games along with FFVII and many others at least in PS1 we have many awesome games to keep me company and the years pass PS2 launch and FFX also and FF series hook me once again and yes that was my 2nd favorite FF, unfortunately this was the last good FF I saw, Squaresoft merge with Enix, Sagakuchi left and the downfall begun a downfall with no end that continue till today 10 whole years after...

R.I.P. Squaresoft (we will never forget u)