Namco Has A Few Surprise Announcements In-Store For The Japan Expo

This year’s Japan Expo is set to kick off on Thursday ( June 30th ) and this year Bandai Namco has some surprises in store for the four day event.

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criticalkare3443d ago

Tales of Xllia is that the name? announced for NA! :)

Release date for Tales of Graces F for NA/EU!

Godmars2903443d ago

What I want to hear out of these Japanese expos are leaked announcements for NA/EU releases.

jerethdagryphon3443d ago

come on ace combat collection

Infernostew3443d ago

Vesperia and XIllia for ps3 and we're good Bamco.

DrRichtofen3443d ago

I wanna see more on that new Dragonball game.

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