Duke Nukem Invades GameGoddess Episode 14

GameGoddess brings Jon St. John aka Duke Nukem to the “Hot Seat” a very talented voice actor and a Bad Ass! You dont want to miss this Hot Seat! For this episode’s “Hype” We review Duke Nukem Forever gameplay and decide if the game itself has balls of steel. Then we hit the movies and give you our impressions of “Green Lantern” and “X-men First Class” to see or not to see, we have the answer! Feeling hungry? We end the Hype with some Delicious Feces Burgers! Thats right! Japan not only make great video games but they also make great synthetic burgers out of your Poop! Awesome! Get em while they are hot! ewww…

Thank you all who participated the “GameGooddess Balls of Steel Contest” your entries were Amazing!

So the winner of the Duke Nukem Forever Balls of Steel Edition is………..

Twitter Name: Zappo23 Congrats!!!

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Deadman_Senji3443d ago

Talented voice actor? Are you fucking kidding?

contra1573443d ago

these girls are so far from real gamers


Really? You don't Think Jon St. John is a good Voice Actor? So who do you think is a Great Voice Actor? Inquiring minds wanna know! ;)

EazyC3443d ago

Charlie Adler, he did Harold in Fallout 1 and 2.

What a guy, you can't compare him to the DN voice actor.


Charlie Adler wow I spent Months with that man's voice on both Fallout and Fallout 2! Yes they are in two different spectrum!

BlackHulk3443d ago

John St John is a talented VA, but duke nukem isn't my favorite of his work. I truly never saw why people loved Duke Nukem's voice. It was monotone and all ways felt half assed when ever I heard it or even heard impressions.

You want a truly great VA, that man is Nolan North.


lol I think its the attitude and the one liners that Duke offers. Nathan Drake!!

3443d ago