Is Crysis 2 Next-Gen? Side-by-side DX9 Vs DX11 HD Comparison

NowGamer: New Crysis 2 images reveal subtle next-gen improvements offered in its DirectX 11 patch.

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firemassacre3439d ago

Crysis does look beautiful

skyward3439d ago

Agreed. But does it look more beautiful? I'm not sure it was massively worth the effort...

BeastlyRig3439d ago (Edited 3439d ago )

What will beat this?


(zoom into the hairs on the face wow!)

(zoom into the back pack! Teh detail!)

no high res patch needed! Becuz it is already just a pc game!

Crytek did great and all but it's a patch! BF3 is built from the ground up for dx11 pc's! with only a port to console in mind.

It raped crytek in a massive environment with way better destruction & 64 players!

But one this is sure.. Only PC can beat PC!

PC vs PC pick your side!

Yes call me a pc fanboy!

camargo20123439d ago

SUPER WTF! the only thing that crap engine called frostbite does is rape the bloom and depth of field while its textures remain like shit.

crytek games will be always better looking thanks to its partnership with nvidia.

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stu8883439d ago

no proof those shots are in game buddy...

GamerSciz3439d ago

@Camargo2012 I have a degree in CS/IT and have worked on game engines such as Unreal Engine 2 and of course Hammer (Steams Map Editor). So I feel I can talk and say that BF3 looks better, has higher texture resolutions, does parralax mapping better (look it up if you dont know what that is) and doesn't overdo it with HDR or Bloom effects.

And as far as bad textures?

You are sadly mistaken kind sir.

camargo20123439d ago


the pic you posted is not gameplay, it is a CGi

you better take a look to the high resolution textures crytek just released, there is a reason why they took too long to release them

death2smoochie3438d ago


Are you serious with your comment? Maybe you need to look t the pictures provided by the member you commented against. Those are some of the best textures in PC gaming out now.


And these are all in game shots. We are talking PC gaming and not console gaming here

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Gran Touring3439d ago

The game does look more impressive than running in DX9. Is it a next-gen game? I don't think so. If they could get all those improvements to run at the same scale of the first Crysis, then that may be considered next-gen.

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Pandamobile3439d ago

The PS4 and Next Xbox will probably be about as powerful as a high end computer today.

Mr_Lu_Kim3438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )

No way out unless they are making a $1200 launch console lol.

Look to a low to low-mid range current PC for PS4/720.


What are you smoking dude? I want some, seems your tripping pretty good on it. PS3 and 360 launched outdated and so will the next gen. Don't forget the PS3 launched here in Australia at $899 and it was already dated tech day 1, not even a mid range PC at the time.

Pandamobile3438d ago

They have 1-2 years to scale down and mass produce the hardware of today. They could easily squeeze that into a $600 box by late 2012/2013.

CaptCalvin3438d ago

uh... how much did you think it cost to run even xbox 360 graphics on a PC when it first launched? That's why they make consoles man.

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