Sony CEO: 90% of PSN Users Have Returned

The recent PlayStation Network outage was one of the major topics at Sony's annual shareholder's meeting today. As reported at Impress Watch, Sony CEO Howard Stringer told shareholders that 90% of users have returned following the restoration of PSN. The trust towards the Sony brand is rising, he said.

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firemassacre3382d ago (Edited 3382d ago )

I wish the best luck for sony as a whole, there the only hardcore gaming company left.

kane_13713382d ago

He ain't going nowhere.
Those people don't know a thing, they are share holders.
They always ask for resignation when something happens.

firemassacre3382d ago

yea, i hope its just a bump in the road kane

NYC_Gamer3382d ago

they ask for these type of actions once profit is being lost

EYEamNUMBER13382d ago

i bet 20 bucks the people asking for him to step down are just xenophobic japanese share holders

i wouldn't be surprised at all if they were

Anon19743382d ago (Edited 3382d ago )

Surprised that this is even newsworthy. Shareholders are like fans of videogames. You'll always get that disgruntled fan in the back that wants someone to get fired because a company changed the way a menu looked or something. I think Sony did everything right. They found out they were the victim of an attack. They pulled the network and investigated. When they figured out what happened, they informed people. Then they setup insurance for potential fraud, secured the system, went after the hackers and more than compensated their fans for the downtime of a free service they offered. It's like you're bank being robbed and giving you free cash because they had to close down the branch for a few days.

Sony was the victim of a crime. Could you imagine if the public started demanding the heads of everyone who had been the victim of hackers recently? There'd be no CEO's left. This problem isn't Sony's alone.

herukuti3382d ago

i might get down voted; but i think he should step down. being president of sony has been a good trip for him im sure and all good love stories have an ending. let kaz be president!! Kazuo Hirai for sony president.

NewMonday3382d ago

since he became CEO of Sony ideas (good or bad) became less, insiders complain that innovators are fewer and talent search is lacking.

the PS3 is one one of the few things done right(after the price cut and first party investment), the PSV is looking great from day1 this time around. maybe this is why Hirai is in the lead to be thew new boss, and the the new 24"3DTV is probably a prolog for how he is going to fix the TV division.

nickjkl3382d ago

"when a shareholder asked him to step down"

article title

"Sony CEO asked to step down by shareholders"


kaveti66163382d ago

darkride is surprised this is newsworthy. Funny, that. A few months before Kinect was released, when Microsoft's shareholders were expressing concern over Kinect, the articles made their way to N4G and Darkride and Morganfell were using said articles as evidence that Microsoft was on a downward spiral. Microsoft was supposed to be a dinosaur that was on its last legs. Why?

And even then Microsoft's stock wasn't falling. There was some kind of rating firm that had lowered Microsoft's stock rating, basically warning potential investors that Microsoft's stock was too risky.

And an article about that made its way to N4G and again it was Morganfell and Darkride who were using the article as evidence in their posts/rants against Microsoft and Kinect, claiming that soon Microsoft would lose profits and it was all because of Kinect.

And never in all that worrying time did Microsoft's share price drop 30 percent.

But now there's an article about Sony's share price dropping thirty percent, about a shareholder asking for Stringer to step down (and by the way in another article it is claimed that the shareholder's suggestion was met with "scattered applause" by the other shareholdrs so clearly more than one shareholder wanted Stringer to resign), and yet, despite this news, Darkride claims that he is surprised that this is newsworthy.

Why was it considered newsworthy when Microsoft's stock ratings were being dropped or when shareholders were doubtful of Kinect?

It's a double standard. Everyone believes that their company of choice is the only company getting ragged on.

But today, it's proven that both companies have their share of bad news, their ups and downs, and this shareholder meeting doesn't mean anything, as Darkride said, but I just want to remind everyone here that Darkride is a hypocrite.

falout3382d ago

*waving arms*

I know..... I know.... I know why kavet!

Its cause they are sony's chear leaders!

Give me an s! Give me an o! Lol

gaden_malak3382d ago

" but I just want to remind everyone here that Darkride is a hypocrite. "

The fact you remember that shows you need a life.

darthv723382d ago

First I saw it was that Howard Stringer was being called to step down. Something like "CEO of Sony being asked to step down" or something like that. Now I see it has been changed to be a positive spin title.

Honestly, who really left in the first place? If you left and joined xbl then welcome aboard. If you decided to stick it out with sony through the rough spot. Glad to have you around.

As for Stringer.....if he steps down, he steps down. Sony will still continue to support its consumers no matter what.

falout3382d ago (Edited 3382d ago )


Lol... The good ol " hey you shouldn't remember that!"

I'm sure the guy is sorry he doesnt have the memory Span of a fish unlike most Sony fanatics.

No Way3382d ago (Edited 3382d ago )

Really? I thought that maybe he had a good memory, of one the N4G idiots..
Oh, wait.. it's N4G, so that means that's completely out of question..

gaden_malak3381d ago

@ No Way - err what? Try English please.

@falout - has nothing to do with Sony fanatics, hell it has nothing to do with consoles, but you wear those fanboy colours with pride. Idiot.

As for the issue, who remembers what a forum poster said about Kinect a year ago and more importantly, who cares? It's not that important or thought provoking that what was said needed to be remembered and who said it, no matter how dumb it was.

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firemassacre3382d ago (Edited 3382d ago )

please refrain from replying to me, i do not want one bubble trolls next to my comment, thank you.

I_find_it_funny3382d ago

youre on your best way to become one

Joe29113382d ago (Edited 3382d ago )

First class ticket to 1 bubble, the peasant can say what he wants.

Such a stupid comment, and that tone of being superior to him.

Warprincess1163382d ago

Anyway this is great. I hope Kaz Hirai is next to be chosen.

kramun3382d ago

'I have one bubble but im not a troll.'

Lol, you're one of the worst ones.

Redgehammer3382d ago

To paraphrase Inigo Montoya "Troll, I do not think it means what you think it means."

RustInPeace3382d ago

@ Redgehammer

Baka-akaB3382d ago

you're easily the worse troll , if you dont actually do it on purpose .

evrfighter3382d ago (Edited 3382d ago )

Hey come on now warprincess isnt a troll.

He's more like a poo slinging monkey. Its quite entertaining

cozmo1953382d ago (Edited 3382d ago )

You're profile

"Im a huge gamer who loves jrpg and fighting games. Im not afraid to admit that i am a ps3fangirl. I like the ps3 and i think it the best console ever made"

"i am a ps3fangirl" - "best console ever made"
"ps3fangirl" - "ever made"

Yep, you're not a troll at all

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Joni-Ice3382d ago

Stringer was already leaving way before the PSN attack. Kaz was setting up to take over long before.

Jack-Dangerously3382d ago



Sorry I couldn't help it. I really did try not to.

QuodEratDemonstrandm3382d ago

You have no idea how many times I've wanted to do that.

Downtown boogey3381d ago

It's just laughable how many Americans and Brits confuse to/too, your/you're and there/they're.

subtenko3382d ago (Edited 3382d ago )

Kevin Butler should be the head of Sony Playstation. Idk how much he knows about the industry compared to the next guy, but he's cool enough to do what he wants and get it done.

This dude steals Ferrari, delivers babys while shooting a 3 pointer, gets free food in all the rooms he goes to, tells jokes, and has the coolest merchandise ever! You all the stuff this dude has in his rooms!? You cant even get this stuff in the deeps cracks of the interwebs!

The dude is totally chill. If anything went wrong, he would just sip his slurpee and be like 'hey watch this" *pushes some buttons* "look diamonds!"

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L3382d ago

kaveti6616: You call out darkride and yet you fail to mention other people ho have been hypocrites on this site. Good job./s

Darkride is one of the better members on this site and he gets a lot of heat for intelligent comments. I love how you call him out and yet you choose to ignore other people.

JLeVRT3382d ago

I just got a PS3 and everything is fine so far. Sony cannot let this happen again, though.

50Terabytespersec3382d ago

Duh PSN is free and who has a life outside of press and click and and look at electrons feeding our brains and pacifying us to greed and pick pocketing American corporations.lOL jk.
PSN is free and it is the best! Now wheres my PS4!!

TXIDarkAvenger3381d ago

Only hardcore gaming company? LMAO.

popup3381d ago

10% of accounts cannot remember their passwords?

I have 4 that I cannot remember (inc email given), so remain dormant.

Here2SpeakTruth3381d ago

"I wish the best luck for sony as a whole, there the only hardcore gaming company left."

how is that?

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Max_Dissatisfaction3382d ago

next up, Tretton! One can only hope

Roymunson3382d ago

Better yet sack Steve ballmer.

Ace_Man_63382d ago

that guy needs to be shot

Undeadwolfy3382d ago

Better yet, Bobby Kottick, so we can get subscription fees to pay for every Sony product we own. Come on who doesnt want that? Lol

theonlylolking3382d ago (Edited 3382d ago )

Kevin Butler would be the best. jk

the_best_player3382d ago

Still in the PS3 area, what's that no 360 news? hahaha

MysticStrummer3382d ago

Maybe if enough Sony higher-ups are fired, Microsoft can hire some of them and get some games going. One can only hope.

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TheTwelve3382d ago

That's really too bad, but that's how the world works. If you're in charge while something bad happens, you get the blame even if it wasn't your fault.

I believe he will end up stepping down.

...but let's not worry too much about him. Dude has enough money never to work again, and if he chooses to work again he'll have another amazing job.

Just too bad that he's victimized here.


MysticStrummer3382d ago

Yup. A scapegoat is needed to appease the stockholders.

BX813382d ago

Not a scapegoat. If you're in charge and things are going great and you're reaping the benifits you better damn well accept responsibility when things go wrong. Like it or not that's why he's in charge. I learned that shit quick in the Army.

OC_MurphysLaw3382d ago

Sony would be better off without Strigner if you ask me. I feel his leadership is anything but that.

Phinatic8u3382d ago

That sucks. It's sad when something that even his fault bit it still affects him.