Epic Games showcase latest UDK title 'Hawken', has mechs

The latest build of the Unreal Development Kit has been shown off by Epic Games thanks to Adhesive Games' Hawken, an online mech combat title.

Using a "cutting-edge game engine with no start-up cost" is an important opportunity for indie studios, says Adhesive art director Khang Le. Mechs!

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Anarki3447d ago

I've waited soooooo long for a game that's similar to Chromehounds!!!!!!! This looks exactly like it but much better graphics!

Chaostar3447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

Looks pretty good for a 'work in progress' kinda like the secret love child of Killzone and Warhawk :P

xtreampro_REVENGE!3447d ago

WHAT?!! It clearly looks more like District 9 and Armoured Core, where did you get KZ and WarHawk from?

Raf1k13447d ago

Seen this before and it looks pretty damn cool. Imagine this in Frostbite 2 with fully destructable buildings.

Fishy Fingers3447d ago

I could only watch a small video (phone) but from that it looked great, visually, very good.

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