The Boondocks: Playstation 3 Bound?

Hit the jump to see why onAXIS thinks there could be a Boondocks PS3 game in the works.

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gamesR4fun4493d ago

funniest show on the air imo a game could be good.

BloodySinner4493d ago

I have seen a few episodes where Riley was playing on a PlayStation 2...

sonarus4493d ago

LOL i saw an episode where someone got killed over a game of madden the YBox lol. I would totally buy this game they could do a simple psn release maybe jst a anime style fighter

IdontTakeSides4493d ago

lol... I remember watching that episode also..this would be a killer PSN game...

ATLRoAcH4493d ago

One of the white gangstas is played by Charlie Murphy himself.Very funny show.John Witherspoon plays Gran Dad.

PikkonX4493d ago

The other one is Samuel L. Jackson. I would pick this game up on day 1 if it's made by a decent development team. A PSP game would be nice too since Riley is always playing one.

ps3FTW4493d ago

this sounds like it would be a good game.BTW what channel is this show on?

HeartlesskizZ4493d ago

come on. I dont watch the cartoons and I know they come out in cartoonnetwork.

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The story is too old to be commented.